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Titan Fluid Section Repacking Kit

Titan Fluid Section Repacking Kit 759-365


Repair kit for Titan Powrliner 550, 800 or 850 line striping machines.

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This repacking kit for Titan Powrliner 550, 800 or 850 linestripers repairs the displacement pump (fluid section) on your machine. Titan Part Number 759-365.

Servicing the Fluid Section

Use the following procedures to replace the seals and repack the fluid section.

Disassembling the Fluid Section

1. Remove the suction set.
2. Remove the front cover and the four screws that secure it using a T20 Torx head driver.
3. Remove the yoke screw and washer that secures the dowel pin. The dowel pin connects the yoke to the piston.
4. Using a pliers, pull the dowel pin out.
5. Inspect the yoke assembly and piston. In order to remove all the necessary parts, the piston must not be in the bottom dead center position. If the piston is at the bottom of the stroke, install the front cover and screws, start the engine to run the pump briefly, turn of the engine, unplug the unit, and repeat step 2.
6. Unscrew and remove the inlet valve assembly.
7. Remove the piston assembly by pushing down on the piston near the yoke.
8. Unscrew and remove the top nut using an adjustable wrench.
9. Remove the worn seals using a flat head screwdriver or punch. Remove the top seal from the top and the bottom seal from the bottom by pressing against the side of the seal and popping it out. Be sure not to scratch the housing where the seals are located.
10. Clean the area where the new seals are to be installed.

Assembling the Fluid Section

1. Lubricate the new top seal with Piston Lube (P/N 314-480) or light household oil and place the seal by hand with the cup side of seal down into the top port of the housing.
2. Place a small amount of anti-seize on the threads of the top nut. Place the top nut into the top of the housing and tighten with an adjustable wrench. This will drive the top seal into the correct position.
3. Turn the pump upside down. Lubricate the seal on the piston/ seal assembly similar to the top seal. Place the piston/seal assembly into the bottom of the housing. Insert the insertion tool and thread into position to properly seat the piston/seal. Thread fully until tight. Remove the insertion tool.
4. Install the new O-ring on the inlet valve assembly, lubricate with Piston Lube (P/N 314-480), thread into the bottom (inlet) of the housing, and tighten with an adjustable wrench.
This will drive the bottom seal into the correct position. 5. Align the piston with the yoke. Be careful not to damage the piston.
6. Apply any type of household grease to the piston and yoke area to prolong life. Apply to the holes in the yoke where the dowel is inserted.
7. Install the dowel pin to connect the yoke to the piston. The piston may have to be moved up or down to align with the yoke.
8. Install the yoke screw and washer to secure the dowel pin.
9. Turn pump right side up and apply a few drops of Piston Lube or light household oil betwe
en the top nut and piston. This will prolong the seal life. 10. Install front cover and four (4) screws.
11. Replace inlet valve and install the suction set.
12. Turn on the sprayer by following the procedure in the “Operation” section of this manual and check for leaks.

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