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16" Wire Street Broom


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Use this 16 inch wire street broom to prep your surfaces before sealcoating or line striping.

These strong, wire street broom bristles combat any tough debris you’ll find in parking lots and driveways as you prepare to fill cracks and for general sweeping before resurfacing, re-sealing or line-striping. Its flared ends make it easy to sweep close to curbs and edges for thorough removal of any loose gravel and dirt. Perfect for asphalt and concrete prep and great for general maintenance.

Save yourself time and money with this long-lasting wire street broom. How many hours of sweep time are you getting? The pitch angle of our wire broom makes it faster and easier on your back to get the job done.

Our 16” wire street broom comes with a 60” finished wooden handle for comfort and durability. Weight: 4 lb.; Dimensions: 16” × 3” × 3” 16” wide wire street broom.

The Bottom Line

This sixteen-inch wire broom is staple-set in a smooth sanded hardwood block with two tapered handle holes. Its wide flare on the ends allows for close sweeping next to curbs.

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