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13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower w/ Honda Engine


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13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower w/ Honda Engine

Quick Overview

This 13 HP debris blower takes your pavement clearing and crack cleaning to a whole new level.

1 Year WarrantyBlow away your leaves, lawn clippings, and other debris with this 13 HP debris blower.

The Bottom Line

13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower

F13 Contractor / Municipal
Patented Aim N Shoot™
Self-Propelled Option

The perfect machine not only for asphalt maintenance, but also for landscaping, the power and efficiency of this unit delivers just shy of 200mph velocity from the 17" fan blade. Whether you need to clear parking lots, driveways, golf courses, school yards, or business properties, you'll be debris-free in no time, and ready to start the work you need to do, whether it's sealcoating, crack repair, or linestriping.

Being gas powered frees you from being plugged in and limited to an electrical outlet and cord distance. Plus, unlike backpack models, this wheeled unit reduces your fatigue and provides more than 6 times the air volume. Now that's productivity!

When working next to walls, fences, and curbs, it's essential to have a way to clear quickly and easily. With the standard forward discharge on this yard blower, which is easily installed, you'll be clearing those trouble areas with peak efficiency. This is in addition to the Billy Goat Patented Aim N ShootT which allows you fingertip control over the direction of the airflow and it can be locked in place, too.

The quiet rounded housing design is better for you and the people around you. Yet, the 16 blade fan is double the number of others on the market. That's power and comfort all in one package.

The lightest in weight design for this class not only makes it less tiring to use, but easier to transport from one job site to the next. That's not the only detail for comfort though, the handles are thicker padded than standard to ensure the operator's comfort.

Finally, and most importantly, the warranty gives you peace of mind; Honda engine 3 years, machine 2 years, housing 5 years.

Gas Capacity 6.9 Quarts
Weight 152 pounds
Powered by Honda GX (13 HP)
Size of Discharge 5", just under 200 mph air velocity
Size of Front Wheels 10" diameter x 3" wide pneumatic
Size of Rear Wheels 13" diameter x 5" wide pneumatic
Engine Base Mechanically welded steel (12 gauge)
Full Dimensions 58" L x 29.25" W x 45" H
Housing Height 32.5"

Download the Billy Goat Debris Blower Manual

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13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower w/ Honda Engine This debris blower makes cleaning yards, parking lots, and driveways easy. 13HPBGB 13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower w/ Honda Engine 1885 Asphalt Kingdom