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18" traffic cone


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  • 18-inch-traffic-cone 18-inch-traffic-cone

18" traffic cone

Quick Overview

Divert traffic easily around your work area with this 18" orange traffic cone.

When you are working on an asphalt sealcoating repair job, it’s important to make sure others stay out of the work zone until the job is complete. Alert others to the fact that they should steer clear of your job site with our heavy duty 18 inch traffic cone.

These safety cones are critical for using in parking lots and driveways that are undergoing asphalt sealcoating repair. They are an essential accessory for all asphalt sealcoating professionals and parking lot owners. Clearly mark the boundaries of your sealcoating repair job so that the sealcoat dries properly before others walk or drive over the surface.

At Asphalt Kingdom, our traffic cones are made of PVC for maximum durability. Their bright fluorescent orange color attracts attention and ensures they will be visible to others during the day and at night. Stack the cones on top of each other for easy storage.

The Bottom Line

18", 3 lb. traffic cone with black base.

This premium-grade, 100% PVC injection-molded traffic cone is the most durable on the market today. This cone works as hard as you do and may just last longer!

  • Use these cones to divert traffic from your asphalt sealcoating repair work zone
  • Made from heavy duty PVC for maximum durability
  • 18” tall
  • Stackable
  • High density base creates low center of gravity for maximum stability
  • Bright fluorescent orange color for excellent visibility

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18" traffic cone Divert traffic with this 18" traffic cone. Free shipping and no sales tax. AK18-TC 18 30 Asphalt Kingdom