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Asphalt Kingdom's Blacktop Sealant Can Help You Maintain and Protect All Of Your Asphalt Surfaces

The application of a blacktop sealant is one of the key methods of maintaining asphalt pavement. A high quality blacktop sealant not only keeps asphalt looking smooth and black for several years, it also helps minimize damage caused by the elements, ground movement, heavy traffic, tree roots, salt, sand, and even vehicle fluid leaks.

Of course, like with any product, there are many blacktop sealers to choose from. Quality can differ dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unlike other retailers, we, at Asphalt Kingdom, only sell the best blacktop sealer products and equipment. We highly recommend our commercial-grade coal tar blacktop sealant because of its ability to dry fast, its extreme durability, and its ability to provide the highest level of protection and rejuvenation for your asphalt. We offer this product to our customers at the lowest possible price and ship directly to homes and businesses in only four to five business days.


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Coal tar blacktop sealants are considered to be superior to water-based asphalt sealers because of their ultraviolet stabilizers which enable blacktop surfaces to remain black for up to two to three years. They also provide a much higher level of protection from water and fluid leaks which can cause cracking, pitting, and overtime, extensive deterioration.

To obtain the best results from your blacktop sealant, it’s important to first start with a clean asphalt surface. Pressure washing is the best approach for spraying away all dirt, oil, sand, and other substances. Cracks need to be cleaned thoroughly with either a bristle brush or a screwdriver to remove vegetation and dirt. Once cracks are clean, they need to be filled before the application of blacktop sealant. We recommend the use of Elasta-Fill cold pour asphalt crack filler for filling cracks. It is easy to use and effectively fills cracks quickly so that you can apply blacktop sealer.

With a high quality blacktop sealant such as Asphalt Kingdom’s commercial-grade product, you should only have to gently stir it to ensure a uniform color. Lesser quality products often times require extensive stirring because of ingredient separation that can cause blotchy results when applied. For small driveways, blacktop sealant can be applied with a squeegee. For larger areas of asphalt such as multi-car driveways and parking lots, we recommend the use of a sealcoating spray machine which significantly reduces the time involved in the application process and ensures professional-looking results.

We’re happy to help you with all of your sealcoating needs. We have experts available to answer your questions and provide assistance on what products and equipment you need to successfully seal all of your blacktop surfaces.

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