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96" FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil

96" FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil


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96" FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil

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96 FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil

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The 96" FHWA/DOT elongated turn arrow stencil is a specialty stencil that is made to be easily seen by drivers and passersby from a distance. It is a useful stencil for turn lanes, parking garage directions and construction sites. This is one of the newer stencils in the industry and is designed by the FHWA to be more narrow than the base of a car so that the tires will not wear out the design. This sleek and skinny arrow promises to be longer lasting and more vibrant against the pavement as it will see less wear and tear over time. It is a must-have for any contractor’s stencil collection as it adds variety and usefulness to any public or private roadway project.

The specifications and measurements of this stencil are cut for accuracy and are meant to be elongated for easy visibility. When painted, the arrow measures 32" in width and 96" in height, and can easily fit inside of a left or right turn lane. The material itself measures 32" by 102", allowing several inches of space on each side of the stencil to allow for overspray. The bridging around the stencil meets industry standards and is designed to improve the accuracy and visibility of the arrow once painted.

There are four different material grade options to choose from when deciding upon the make of your turn arrow stencil. For a one-time or custom project, the thinner grades are flexible and affordable. The 1/16" LDPE is flexible and durable, laying flat out of the box for a perfect fit. The .030" HIPS is the thinnest grade available, offering an industry standard PVC material that can last a long time. For something more heavy duty, the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE is the most common material grade available. This is most used by professionals in the industry, as it provides years of use and a sturdy stencil that does not easily wear or tear. The thickest grade available is the .080 ALU, which is a rigid 5052 aluminum that offers indestructibility and infinite use.

Stencil Width 32"
Stencil Height 96"
Shipping Width 32"
Shipping Length 32"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 16 lbs

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96" FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil The 96-inch FHWA/DOT Elongated Turn Arrow Stencil is designed to meet the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration). Heavy duty reusable plastic. Free shipping! c-4343-096 96 116.07 Asphalt Kingdom