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Little Wonder Blower: 170CC C5

Little Wonder Blower: 170CC C5


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Little Wonder Blower: 170CC C5

Quick Overview

Compact, powerful walk-behind push blower featuring the Aim Rite nozzle makes clearing debris a breeze!
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Can You Handle 200 MPH?

The Little Wonder C5 blower is the perfect entry-level blower for a contractor looking to make short work of cleaning driveways and small parking lots. A hurricane-force 200MP velocity is going to make you wonder why you used a hand-held blower for so long! This small-but-mighty machine features an ergonomic foam grip handle so you can push easily and comfortably while you clean up yard waste, grass clippings, leaves and dirt from asphalt surfaces.

That's not all it's good for: the blower is able to remove all manner of debris that is typically difficult to get rid of. This includes standing water, which can be a pain to remove under normal circumstances. The unit is able to provide hurricane force winds to accomplish this, and that is thanks to the 170cc engine.

The blower has a replaceable air cleaner, as well as a 16-inch impeller with a pull ring, and a 14.8 square inch discharge chute. The machine has 1,110 cubic feet per minute of air flow, and it can provide a wind speed of 153 miles per hour. With this much power, it will make short work of even large parking lots.

Another one of the nice features of the Little Wonder Blower is the fact that it has a large 3.6-liter / 3.8qt fuel capacity. This means you will not need to stop and refill it constantly. Get out to the lot and take care of the work without worrying about refueling.

The C5 Wheeled Blower is easy to use, but it's easy to store too - the handle folds down when you're not using it.It also has a tie down bracket that can make transportation easier.

Although the Little Wonder Blower is very powerful, it is still small enough to move around and use relatively easily. Those who need to clear away large amounts of leaves in a short time may want to consider it.

The Little Wonder Blower Offers a Lot of Power

The Little Wonder Blower from Subaru is a gas blower that offers some of the best reliability, as well as power, that you can expect from a leaf blower. The unit makes it easy to clear large parking lots and other spaces quickly and easily. If you need to clear leaves and other debris so you can prepare an asphalt or concrete surface for repair or resurfacing, then this tool can help.

Engine Subaru® SP170
Displacement 170cc
Fuel 3.8 qt./3.6 L Capacity
Filter Urethane Foam Air Filter
Velocity 200 MPH
Fan 16-inch
Cubic Feet Per Minute 1,100
Weight 102 pounds
Length, Width, and Height 36 x 27 x 21

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Little Wonder Blower: 170CC C5 Get the most popular Little Wonder Blower: the Optimax 170CC walk-behind blower. Aerodynamic, ergonomic, powerful. Ships to your door or pick up in our store. 99170-03-01 Little Wonder Blower: 170CC C5 629 Asphalt Kingdom