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Refill for V Crack Filler Squeegee



Refill for the V shaped Squeegee and Socket for Crack Filler. Add as a backup.

In Stock.

Order this refill for your V Crack Filler Squeegee and socket to have on hand as a backup when you’re out on the job. The blade is made of durable neoprene rubber and fills cracks quickly and smoothly as you drag it across your liquid sealant. This refill fits the V Reversible Crack Squeegee found in the Homeowner’s Driveway Package.

Our tools are created with professional grade materials and used to seal parking lot cracks as well as crack sealing of roadways and driveways. The handle is reversible for easy pushing or pulling and is ideal for use with Asphalt Kingdom’s liquid crack filler. As you know, having the right tools on hand for the job makes everything go more smoothly.

It’s easy to maintain your driveway, roadway or parking lot with the right tools. With the V Crack Filler Squeegee (and your back up refill) for leveling, you’ll easily be able to repair cracks and ensure a longer lasting surface.

The Bottom Line

Have a refill on hand for your V Crack Filler Squeegee and socket and you’re ready to easily and smoothly repair cracks in your driveway, parking lot or roadway.
Dimensions: 12" x 2"
Weight: 1 lb

Refill for V Crack Filler Squeegee Get a fresh curved blade for your asphalt work with our Refill for V Crack Filler Squeegee. AK-SS24 Refill for V Crack Filler Squeegee 32 Asphalt Kingdom
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