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Sandliner Beadliner

Glass Beader

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Apply glass beads in your line painting by using this glass bead dispenser.

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Apply reflective beads with your traffic paint by using this glass bead dispenser.

The Bottom Line

Looking for something a easier than hand-shaking reflective beads on freshly painted traffic lines? Meet the Sandliner! This innovative, easy-to-use product makes it simple to control how many beads you spread and where they land - from an upright dispensing position. You can walk and apply beads with just one hand. Makes all painted lines easier to see, especially at night. Use it for parking lots, handicapped spots, curbs, and navigational arrows on pavement - you'll make lots much safer!

You can use the Sandliner for reflective beads, or for spreading sand on freshly filled cracks - it holds up to 15 pounds at once and makes your cracks ready to drive on much sooner.

Please note: if you are striping Interstates or other regulated roadways, check with your local authorities to see if the Sandliner wll meet with their regulations. We do not warrant it will on every state and municipality.
Dimensions: 26" Tall x 8" x 8".
Product Weight: 6.2 lbs
Ship Weight: 9 lbs

Sandliner Beadliner A glass bead dispenser to help you embed glass beads within your line painting. Free shipping and no sales tax. LH-16GB Sandliner Beadliner 220 Asphalt Kingdom
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