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Sandliners, Sand Spreaders & Dispensers for Sale


When asphalt maintenance is your job, you need to have a reliable sand spreader and glass bead dispenser. Why? First and foremost because safety is number one on every site. Using sand provides a safe non-slip surface, and glass beads make visibility crystal clear for drivers. When you use a Sandliner dispenser, you get the very best in even coverage, as well as operator comfort.

Spreading by hand is not only uneven, time-consuming, and uncomfortable to do, it wastes product! Protect your profit line, while protecting your customers’ safety, and use Sandliner to save you time, and money. That’s the best of both worlds; productivity and profitability!

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Sandliner Handheld 16"

Apply sand easily to your crack filler with this 16" handheld sand spreader.


Sandliner Pro Back Pack

These sand spreaders comfortably distribute the weight of the sand (up to 50 lb capacity)


Sandliner Beadliner

Apply glass beads in your line painting by using this glass bead dispenser.


Sandliner Glass Bead Wide Diffuser

This Glass Bead Wide Diffuser is capable of evenly spreading glass beads up to 14 inches across.



Sandliner Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap for easy carrying of the Handheld SandLiner Sand Spreader.



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Why Use Sand?

When sealcoating the goal is to protect the asphalt surface from traffic, the elements, and spills. However, this protection can also be quite slick and put people at risk of slipping. By applying sand onto the fresh sealcoat you now have a non-skid surface that’s safe for people and cars.

The key to not spending a fortune on buying and transporting sand is to use a sand spreader that easily and quickly applies the sand in an even layer. Think carefully about your job site needs before purchasing. Do you do this occasionally on small jobs? Then a handheld model will do the job (but do consider using a shoulder strap for comfort). If your work is more frequent, on larger sites, a backpack model will pay huge dividends in operator comfort!

Why Use Glass Beads?

Visibility, visibility, visibility. Parking lots, pathways, roads, all need clearly marked lines, and that includes nighttime. What good is a One-Way Only, Fire Lane, or No Parking traffic marking, if drivers can’t see it? Reflective glass beads light up those markings, making the linestriping crystal clear. Using a Sandliner dispenser to apply to your wet line marking paint allows you to quickly and easily apply beads in an even distribution. Your clients are safe, and you have saved yourself from wasting time and product by trying to apply by hand.

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