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Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket



Starting at: $60.00
Use this sealcoating squeegee for when you need to apply asphalt sealer by hand.

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24" Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket (Reg.$69.00)

ADD $60.00

30" Squeegee and Socket

ADD $65.00

36" Squeegee and Socket

ADD $89.00

Spray sealcoating machines are an effective way to control how much sealcoating spray is used on an asphalt surface. While these machines do an excellent job, it is important to understand that applying sealcoating through the more traditional method of using a squeegee also has its benefits.

When sealcoating asphalt with a lot of surface cracks, doing the job by hand using a squeegee will deliver better results. The squeegee will enable you to put more pressure on the sealant and allow it to more effectively fill these cracks.

In addition, for most standard sealcoating jobs, you will typically achieve the best possible results by applying 2 coats – the first coat should be done by hand using a squeegee and the second coat should be done with a spray sealcoating machine. This dual method will provide better protection for your asphalt surface, and the results will last considerably longer.

At Asphalt Kingdom, we have a variety of high quality squeegees to help ensure your asphalt sealcoating job is done right every time. We offer 3 different squeegee sizes to help you customize your gear based on the specifics of the job at hand.

The Bottom Line

Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket

This squeegee is perfect for small sealcoating jobs that you can do by hand. Use this tool to evenly spread asphalt sealer on your property. This squeegee is 24" wide; upgrade to 30" for $5 more or to 36" for just $10 more!

The squeegee's handle is sold separately. Purchase this product along with the 6' Sealcoating Squeegee Handle for easy seal coat application.

Asphalt Kingdom also carries squeegees and sockets for applying the AK Hot Pour Crack Fill. Complete your tool set now with the U-Shaped Squeegee and the V-Shaped Squeegee.

24" Squeegee and Socket24" wide x 3.5" high5 lbs
30" Squeegee and Socket30" wide x 3.5" high6 lbs
36" Squeegee and Socket36" wide x 3.5" high7 lbs

Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket for when you need to apply asphalt sealer by hand. Free shipping and no sales tax. AKSS24_group Sealcoating Squeegee and Socket 60 89 Asphalt Kingdom
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