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Liquid Deicer Fluid for Driveways


Our biodegradable liquid deicer is pet-safe, plant-safe, non-corrosive and non-staining. This can be used on many different surfaces to prevent icing, as well as to melt snow and ice. This driveway deicer is perfect for homeowners to use in their garden sprayer to keep walkways as well as driveways clear. Asphalt maintenance companies benefit even more with a lucrative winter business! Why sit at home when you can be out earning by clearing customers parking lots, walkways and more? Use your trucks and sprayers to earn all year-round, and keep the money rolling in. This deicer fluid is safe to use on so many different surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, untreated wood, and more!

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Ice Melting Liquid

This ice melting liquid allows you to melt ice, reduce snow accumulation, and prevent surfaces from icing over.

Convenient 4-pack of 1-gallon bottles means you don't have to lug a 60-lb 5-gallon bucket.


De-Icer Liquid Spray Solution

A fast, easy-to-use liquid ice melt spray that dissolves ice without harming new pavement, concrete, grass, lawn or pets.



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How Easy And Safe Is Liquid Deicer?

After all, isn’t it just easier to use salt, or ‘safe’ salt? Not only is it just as easy to use deicer fluid, it’s far safer for your surfaces, plants, and animals! How many springs have you gone through where your grass and flower beds are dead and yellow because of all the salt you used in the winter? They never really green up and thrive, because the soil has been damaged by all that winter salt. What about those paved and concrete walkways that start crumbling and rotting? Not as bad are the salt stains that never seem to come out and are a real eyesore.

These deicing liquids spray on easily. You likely already have a garden sprayer for your yard, and that’s all you need. The best part is not only does it remove the ice, it stays on the surface and prevents new ice from forming.

Is There Really Room In The Market For De-Icing And Snow Removal?

There are a lot of snow removal businesses out there, but if you’ll notice, they really just do driveways and parking lots. They come in with a little driving machine and remove the snow. Ice is left behind, and they rarely do residential walkways. Stairs and patios are not even an option!

Imagine offering to de-ice everywhere your customers want it. That’s not something that’s easily available! Offer to do back patios for the year-round BBQ’er. Stairs and walkways are slippery and dangerous for everyone, and within minutes you can spray and leave it ice free and safe. Additionally, it’s biodegradable and safe to use for surrounding plants, for a greener, happier spring. Now your asphalt maintenance business has work all year-round!

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Liquid Deicer Fluid for Driveways
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