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Wire Replacement Wheel for 4 HP Billy Goat Grazor

Billy Goat Grazor Wire Wheel

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8" wire wheel with adapter 5/8" - ½"

The Billy Goat Grazor is a valuable tool for the contractor who needs to clear out any debris or vegetation from cracks and crevices in preparation for crackfiller and sealant... and the Wire Replacement Wheel is an integral part of that process. This durable, heavy-duty wire wheel removes stubborn dirt and grass from concrete and asphalt and is specifically designed to prepare the crack edges for filling.

The 8” wire replacement wheel comes with the adaptor: from 5/8ths to ½ inch. Be sure to observe strict speed restrictions for safe operation. While in use, dirt, debris, burrs, or other residue will fly off the brush with some force along with some brush filaments as part of normal wear. Also, avoid putting undue pressure on the brush which can bend the bristles and cause it to dull and fail.

Follow all safety instructions and wear protective clothing as well as inspect the wire wheel for wear with each use.

The Bottom Line

Have this 8” wire replacement wheel for the 4 HP Billy Goat Grazor Crack Cleaning Machine.on hand before your existing wheel becomes worn and dangerous. It comes with an adaptor from 5/8ths to ½”, is long-lasting and integral to effectively cleaning cracks before cracksealing.

Dimensions: 8" x 1"
Weight: 2 lbs

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