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116" FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil

116" FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil


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116" FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil

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116 FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil

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This 116" FHWA/DOT stencil is a Federal Highway Administration approved Straight Arrow stencil and can be used repeatedly for a multitude of projects. This versatile Straight Arrow stencil has a tail stroke of 12", a width of 40" and a height of 116" for clarity and easy visibility. It can be used on any roadway with a Federally approved speed limit of 25 to 55 miles per hour, and is in the shape of a standard straight arrow that is seen in most states within the United States.

This stencil comes with one flat piece that is easy to place, use, and repeat. It is completely free of defects in order to create the perfect standardized arrow shape. This stencil is made in the USA, and meets all Federal American standards for placement and use.

You can choose a variety of grades to make up the material of your Straight Arrow stencil. The most affordable option is the .030" HIPS, which is a reliable and durable material that works best with custom projects or one-time uses. If you want a thick, PVC-like material for your one-time stencil needs, the 0.30" HIPS is a cost effective option. However, the most common material is the .080 ALU, which is the longest lasting material that will never bend or break. The .080 ALU can be reused countless times and can last for over a decade if treated properly. It always lays flat and stays put while you are spraying on your stencil. If you’re looking for a lighter-duty material, the 1/16" LDPE is the way to go. While it is less durable than its counterparts, it is cost effective and lightweight, which provides a perfect use for your one-time stencil needs. A thicker version of this material is the ?" LDPE, which is also known as the “PRO"-grade material. It can be used thousands of times for several years before ever showing signs of wear.

Stencil Width 40"
Stencil Height 116"
Shipping Width 40"
Shipping Length 48"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 28 lbs

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116" FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil The 116-inch FHWA/DOT Straight Arrow Stencil meets all Federal Highway Administration. Made from high-quality reusable LDPE plastic. Free shipping! c-4341-116 116 144.54 Asphalt Kingdom