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12" FIRE LANE Stencil

12" FIRE LANE Stencil

12 FIRE LANE Stencil

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The 12" FIRE LANE stencil is an essential addition to any contractor’s or striper’s collection, as it is an industry standard sign that can be used in all Federally approved fire lanes. It is typically used around buildings and driveways that indicate a fire lane, and drivers will be sure to steer clear of those lanes. The stencil can make a bold statement alone or can be paired with other industry standard signs such as “ONLY" or “EXIT" to give further direction to oncoming traffic or passersby. The stencil’s size is perfect for parking lots or slow moving areas, and it is able to fit in small spaces while still being large enough to be easily read from a distance. This stencil is manufactured in the USA and offers a warranty that guarantees it to be free of any impediments or defects.

There are four stencil grade options available for the make of your stencil. The thickest and most durable option is the .080 ALU, which is a 5052 aluminum that lasts forever. This indestructible material can withstand thermoplastic extruding and is good for the heaviest duty projects. The ?" PRO-Grade LDPE is the most commonly used material for this type of stencil, and is recommended by professionals in the industry. It can withstand thousands of uses over several years. The 1/16" LDPE is its counterpart, offering the same durability but with half the thickness. This allows it to be more flexible for custom and light duty projects. The 1/32" LDPE is the thinnest grade available, and is ultra flexible for one-time or few-time uses.

The measurements and specifications of the material comply with industry standards and are designed to make a bold statement in parking lots and driveways. When printed, the stencil will measure 80" in width and 12" in height, with a stroke width of 2" between the letters. The material itself measures 86" wide by 18" high to allow for overspray.

Stencil Width80"
Stencil Height12"
Shipping Width80"
Shipping Length18"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight7.8 lbs

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