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12" MOTORCYCLE Stencil

12" MOTORCYCLE Stencil


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The 12" MOTORCYCLE stencil is a specialty stencil that meets industry standards and is a useful tool for any serious striper to add to their collection. The size and specifications of this stencil allow it to be used in any type of parking space, lane, or driveway to give clear direction to drivers and motorcyclists. This popular stencil can be used alone or combined with other industry standard words such as “LANE", “PARKING", “NO", and “ONLY". This stencil is small enough to fit in any convenient space, yet large enough to be easily read by oncoming traffic and drivers. It is best seen in a parking lot or a lane where motorcycles come to stop. This stencil is manufactured in the USA and offers a warranty that guarantees that it will be delivered free of any impediments or defects.

There are four material grade options available for the make of this stencil. If you only plan on using the stencil once or twice, the .030" HIPS is the best option available. This thin and ultra flexible material is custom fit for a single or few-time use. A thicker material is the 1/16" LDPE, which is a standard material that offers both flexibility and durability. This is an affordable option for lightweight jobs. The ?" LDPE is the most common and most recommended grade, as it can be reused thousands of times over several years without showing signs of wear. The thickest grade available is the .080 ALU, a rigid 5052 aluminum that lasts forever and can withstand thermoplastic extruding.

The measurements of this stencil comply with industry standards and are designed for parking lots and similar driveway areas. When painted, the stencil word measures 100" in width and 12" in height for easy and bold readability. The material itself measures 106" in width and 18" in height, giving several inches of space on all sides to allow for overspray.

Stencil Width100"
Stencil Height12"
Shipping Width100"
Shipping Length18"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight9.3 lbs

12" MOTORCYCLE Stencil The 12-inch MOTORCYCLE Stencil is perfect to specify parking areas for a MOTORCYCLE. PRO-Grade LDPE reusable plastic. In stock. c-4069-012 12 58.4 Asphalt Kingdom
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