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The 6" MOTORCYCLE stencil is useful for any striper who invests in parking lot and roadway painting. This industry standard stencil can be used to specify which parking areas, driveways, or lanes are designed for motorcycle use. This is a great addition to any striping collection as it can be paired with other standard stencil words such as “ONLY", “LANE", “PARKING", and more. This stencil is manufactured in America and comes with a warranty that guarantees that it will be free of any defects.

The measurements and specifications of this worded stencil are cut to meet all industry standards and are made to fit easily and flexibly on any type of pavement. When painted, the word “MOTORCYCLE" will have a width of 55" and a height of 6". The material that the stencil is printed on has a width of 61" and a height of 12", giving over 6" of extra space on all sides of the stencil to allow for overspray. The painted word will have a stroke width of 1" on each letter, making it very easy to read and notice by drivers and pedestrians alike.

The most popular material grade for this stencil is the ?" LDPE, which is named PRO-Grade due to the fact that most industry professionals recommend this material and thickness. The 0.125" thickness makes for rigid durability and longevity. It lays flat out of the box, and it will also stay put while withstanding any spray painting job up to 3000psi. It won’t weaken or show any signs of wear or tear for at least seven years, and more when properly taken care of. Be confident that you can reuse this stencil thousands and thousands of times without worry. This PRO-Grade LDPE will save you money in both the short and long run, as it is an affordable material that will also last a very long time.

Stencil Width 55"
Stencil Height 6"
Shipping Width 55"
Shipping Length 12"
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Weight 4 lbs

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6" MOTORCYCLE Stencil 6-inch MOTORCYCLE Stencil is perfect to specify parking areas for a MOTORCYCLE. Heavy duty reusable plastic. Free shipping! c-4069-006 6 36.5 Asphalt Kingdom