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12" PARKING Stencil

12" PARKING Stencil

12 PARKING Stencil

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The 12" PARKING stencil is an industry standard stencil that offers flexibility and versatility to any contractor’s collection. This is a handy stencil to have, as it is used in most parking lot and driveway jobs. It is often seen at the entrance to parking lots and garages, and can notify oncoming traffic of a nearby parking structure. This stencil is easily used alone, and can also be paired with other industry standard signs such as “CUSTOMER", “NO", and “10 MIN" for added direction. This stencil is manufactured in the USA and comes with a warranty that guarantees that it will be delivered without any defects that could impede its proper use.

The measurements and specifications of this stencil comply with industry standards and are fitted for use in publicly accessible parking lots and other sites. When painted, the stencil measures 65" in width and 12" in height for easy readability. The letters offer a stroke width of 2" for added clarity and boldness. The material itself measures 71" wide by 18" high, giving several inches of space on each side to allow for overspray.

There are four material grade options available to choose from. For something durable and long-lasting, invest in the .080 ALU. This indestructible material will last forever and can withstand thermoplastic extruding. Another durable option is the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE, which is an industry standard. This commonly used material is recommended by professionals as it can last over seven years and withstand thousands of uses without showing signs of wear or tear. It also lays flat out of the box and stays put during any heavy amount of spray painting. For something on the thinner side, the 1/16" LDPE is a flexible option. This flexible yet durable material can last a long time when used in light-duty situations. The .030" HIPS is the thinnest grade available, offering ultra flexibility for a custom fit.

Stencil Width65"
Stencil Height12"
Shipping Width65"
Shipping Length18"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight6 lbs

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