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12" TURN Stencil

12" TURN Stencil

12 TURN Stencil

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The 12" TURN stencil is a must-have addition to any serious striper’s collection. This versatile and handy stencil is used in a variety of different parking and lane projects, and is designed for all publicly accessible spaces. Its smaller size allows it to be used mainly in parking lots and garages to indicate where drivers must turn to exit or form into a lane. It can be combined with smaller industry turn arrows as well to give oncoming drivers a clear warning as to what’s coming up ahead. This stencil is made in the USA and comes with a warranty that guarantees the product to be free of any impediments or defects that could hinder it from use.

The measurements and specifications of this stencil comply with industry standards and are designed to fit in a parking lot area. When painted, the stencil measures 38" wide by 12" high, giving a stroke width of 2" for added readability. The material itself measures 44" wide by 18" high, allowing several inches of space on each side for overspray.

You can choose between four material grade options available for the make of your stencil. The .080 ALU is a rigid aluminum that lasts forever and is indestructible. This is the best choice for industrial sized or heavy-duty projects, as it can be reused indefinitely and can also withstand thermoplastic extruding. The next thickest option is the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE, which is an industry standard used by most professionals. This versatile material can last for up to a decade and withstand thousands of uses while laying flat out of the box. The 1/16" LDPE is the counterpart to the PRO-Grade, but with half the thickness. This is good for light-duty projects. The thinnest material available is the .030" HIPS, a standard PVC that provides ultra flexibility while laying flat for a custom or one-time job.

Stencil Width38"
Stencil Height12"
Shipping Width38"
Shipping Length18"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight6 lbs

12" TURN Stencil The 12-inch TURN Stencil is a good size for smaller parking lot and parking garages. Made from heavy duty plastic. Free shipping! c-4132-012 12 23.36 Asphalt Kingdom
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