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24" WAY Stencil

24" WAY Stencil

24 WAY Stencil

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The 24" WAY stencil is a must-have addition to any contractor’s or striper’s collection. Those who are invested in parking lot and roadway projects will find this a handy and versatile stencil that is used in most common projects. Typically, it is used to mark parking rows, one-way streets, small lanes and driveways. It can be used alone or combined with other industry standard stencils such as “ONE", “ONLY", and “THIS" to give added direction and clarity to nearby traffic. This stencil is made in the USA and offers a warranty that guarantees that it will be free of any impediments or defects that could hinder it from use in any way.

The measurements and specifications of this stencil comply with industry standards and are fit for use in any publicly accessible area. When painted, the stencil measures 46" wide by 30" high.. The material itself measures 52" wide by 30", giving several inches of space on all sides to allow for overspray. This stencil comes on a single sheet for ease of application, cleanup, and storage.

There are four material grade options that you can choose from for the make of your stencil. The .080 ALU is the most durable and most rigid grade, offering a 5052 aluminum that lasts forever. This stencil grade can also withstand thermoplastic striping and countless reuses. The ?" PRO-Grade LDPE is another durable option, adding longevity and affordability. It can last up to 10 years and withstand thousands of reuses before ever showing any signs of wear. This is the most recommended grade by industry professionals as it always lays flat and rigid. The 1/16" LDPE is the counterpart to the PRO-Grade, but with half the thickness. This adds flexibility for a custom or light-duty project. The thinnest grade available is the .030" HIPS, an ultra flexible material that lays flat for a one-time or custom fit.

Stencil Width46"
Stencil Height30"
Shipping Width46"
Shipping Length30"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight7.6 lbs

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