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6" ENTER Stencil

6" ENTER Stencil

6 ENTER Stencil

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The 6" ENTER stencil is a small but visible stencil that is typically used for a variety of imprints which include storefronts, parking lots, driveways, warehouse directions, parking garage signs, and more. The sign is cut with precision to print perfectly on the pavement and provide drivers and pedestrians alike with the ability to clearly see the sign. Any beginner or veteran striper can add this useful stencil to their collection, as it pairs well with other stencil words such as “DO NOT" or “EXIT".

The measurements of this stencil are compliant with all industry standards and meet all regulations for public or private projects. The material reaches a width of 31" and a height of 12", allowing plenty of extra material space for overspray while painting. When painted, the stencil word reaches a width of 25" and a height of 6". There is plenty of space on all sides of the stencil to be easily held down and set in place while striping. The stencil’s letters have a stroke width of 1" for crisp readability.

The next step is to select a stencil grade for your custom stencil. If you are investing in a heavy duty or large-scale project, it is best to use the professionally recommended ?" LDPE for longevity. This is the industry standard material, and is most commonly found with these types of stencils. They are durable, lasting over 7 years and allowing for thousands of reuses before needing any type of replacement or repair. There is a thicker option that proves virtually indestructible. The .080 ALU is a 2052 aluminum material that allows for thermoplastic and preformed stripping as well as traditional pavement painting. For something lighter duty, invest in the 1/16" LDPE or the .030" HIPS. These two grades are flexible and durable for a one-time or custom paint job.

Stencil Width25"
Stencil Height6"
Shipping Width25"
Shipping Length12"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight5 lbs

6" ENTER Stencil A 6-inch ENTER Stencil is a must have in any striping outfit. Made from high-quality reusable LDPE plastic and free shipping! c-4034-006 6 18.25 Asphalt Kingdom
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