8" No Parking Stencil

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8" NO PARKING Stencil - 1 piece word stencil
39-inch handicap stencil

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Just like with highways and main roads, markings on parking lots serve as guides and information for drivers and pedestrians. These signs are meant to convey rules that must be followed to avoid accidents and ensure safety. This 8" NO PARKING word stencil is one example. With an overall size of 14 x 58 inches, this stencil is small enough to fit curbs and low walls of some types of parking lots. It also comes in as a single sheet so you can easily relocate from one area to another without having to pick up and lay down multiple pieces in between paintings. Single-piece stencils are also convenient to use since you don't have to align several parts just to get the right distance between letters or characters. The cut-outs are already pre-determined, so all you have to do is lay the stencil down on your work surface and spray!

Manufactured using flexible yet resilient LDPE, this 8-inch No Parking stencil is available in 4 different thicknesses to tailor to different frequencies of use. The sturdiest option is .080 ALU made using sheets of Type 5052 aluminum that can withstand corrosion and rust. Second in durability and longevity is the 1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE option. This version is the go-to choice of most line striping contractors and professionals due to its high flexibility, durability, and resilience. The demands of constant use can shorten the life of stencils with lesser quality, but this stencil can last for a very long time with appropriate clean-up and storage. At half the thickness of the Pro-Grade version, the 1/10" (.100") Light-Duty LDPE is the next best thing. DIYers, property owners and managers generally prefer this option since it is not as pricey as the first two, but can still endure frequent uses, such as several times a year. The fourth variation is the 1/16" (.060") Light-Duty LDPE. Although the thinnest among the four, the .060" is by no means inferior. This stencil lays flat right after being taken out of the box. Just like its thicker counterparts, this alternative can also withstand pressure from line striping sprayers of up to 3000psi.

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Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom

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Ready To ShipYes
Shipping Length14
Shipping Width10
Shipping Height10
Shipping Weight4.50
Stencil Width58"
Stencil Height14"
Stencil NameNo Parking
Stencil TypeWord Stencil
Stencil Width62"
Stencil Height8"
Shipping Width62"
Shipping Length14"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight4.5 lbs
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are these one time use? or can they be cleaned and used multiple times?
Most contractors clean them and use them a few times. If you are rough with stencils in general, it is possible they would crack on the first go but in general that hasn't been our experience. If you're looking for something with more reusability, we can provide a heavy-duty version of these - just let us know.
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