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96" EXIT Stencil

96" EXIT Stencil

96 EXIT Stencil

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The 96" EXIT stencil is a common stencil that is a must-have for any professional contractor’s collection. The bold letters and elongated height allow it to be easily seen by oncoming traffic and passersby from a distance. Each letter comes on its own stencil sheet, which allows for easy application and transportation. Stripers can use this stencil alone or pair it with other industry-sized stencils such as “ONLY", “BUS", and more. Typically, this stencil is seen on roadways, freeway exits, construction sites, parking garages, and lots. This stencil is made in America and comes with a warranty that guarantees it to be free of any impediments or defects that could hinder its use in any way.

The measurements of this stencil are flexible, allowing you to adjust each letter with 4" of overlap for perfect spacing. It can be thinner or wider, depending on the needs of your projects and the specifications of the road or driveway you plan to paint on. Typically, the standard width of the stencil is 64" with a height of 96". The material width of each stencil varies, with three of the pieces measuring 24" wide and the letter “I" measuring 12" wide. When combined, the material measures a height of 104". This gives plenty of room for overspray.

There are several material grades that you can choose from for the make of your stencil. Each grade offers a range of durability, flexibility, longevity, and affordability. For small, custom, or one-time use projects, the 1/16" LDPE and the .030" HIPS are cost effective options. They are light duty materials that offer flexibility while still laying flat out of the box for a perfect stencil job. They can last a long time when used sparingly. For something more heavy duty, invest in the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE or the .080 ALU. These grades are very rigid and durable, lasting for several years with the ability to endure thousands of uses without ever showing any signs of wear or tear.

Stencil Width64 Typical, can be adjusted as needed"
Stencil Height96"
Shipping Width64 Typical, can be adjusted as needed"
Shipping Length25"
Shipping Height12"
Shipping Weight60 lbs

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