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AK Sealcoating Ball Valve Spray Wand

Ball Valve Spray Wand

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For light to medium sealcoat spray needs, the ball valve spray gun will get the job done.

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Over time, the spray gun on your asphalt sealcoating machine may become clogged, impacting its ability to spray your sealer in a neat stream. Eventually, the spray gun may wear out entirely. For this reason, replacement spray wands are an essential tool for all asphalt sealcoating professionals.

Sealcoating spray wandAt Asphalt Kingdom, we have all of your spray wand needs covered. Our AK sealcoating ball valve spray wand is a great option for all of your light to medium sealcoat spray needs. This product is lightweight, easy to use, and ensures a professional looking application.

The AK sealcoating ball valve spray wand is compatible with coal tar, latex, acrylic, and oil-based emulsion sealers. In addition, this backup gun works with sand sealers. You can use this product with 2 GPM, 3 GPM, or 4 GPM spray tips (one 3-pack included), and it will connect quickly and easily with any AK spray system model.

You will appreciate the extra venting, which ensures optimal performance at high temperatures. Its spacious hand grip provides a comfortable fit for heavy work gloves. In addition, enjoy safety features such as an emergency shut off ball valve and a safety lock for full time spray.

Extra tips sold separately.

The Bottom Line

The AK Ball Valve Spray wand is a super replacement or back up spray gun that will ensure that you are always spraying sealer neatly and easily.



  • You're in control of the flow of the sealer with a simple turn of the valve.
  • Beautiful fan spray.
  • Fits any existing AK Sealcoating System models.
  • Very light (3 LBS).
  • Very comfortable hand grip for bare hand or gloves.
  • Looks more professional for your customers.
  • Easier to do the cutting around the edges of the asphalt surface.


  • All asphalt emulsion sealers (i.e. coal tar, latex, acrylic, oil based).
  • Will work with sand mixes.
Spray Tip
  • Works with 2, 3 or 4 GPM spray tips (one 3-pack included with 2, 3, and 4 GPM). Need extra spray tips?
  • Threading and quick connects for fast connection to any AK spray system models.
  • Extra venting for performance at high temps.
  • Comfortable hand grip space to more readily accommodate work gloves.
  • Equipped with a safety lock for full time spray.
  • Emergency shut off ball valve on lance.
Max Pressure5,000 PSI
Max Temp320° F
Max Flow10.5 GPM
Outlet1/4" FNPT
Inlet3/8" FNPT
Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6' long x 3/4" wide

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