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Asphalt and Concrete Saw

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The lightweight Gas Power Asphalt Saw is designed to cut through any asphalt surface.

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1 Year Warranty!Lightweight saw cuts through asphalt and concrete.

The Bottom Line

Looking for help on your toughest jobs? This powerful asphalt saw features a 12"  blade and powerful gasoline engine for all the tough jobs. Low vibrations mean you can cut longer, more comfortably. Its easy-to-start design, and proprietary air filter mean you'll use it for long periods of time without needing to service it. Features a reversable cutting arm so you can get closer to the cutting service. Will cut through concrete or asphalt.

The Husqvarna concrete and asphalt saw is a powerful model, ideal for cutting expansion joints in concrete or asphalt surfaces. Use it for:

  • Repair jobs where you need to cut out damaged patches of asphalt or concrete road surfaces
  • Straightening black-top and concrete surfaces
  • Demolition jobs or renovating older buildings
  • Cutting precast concrete elements
  • Cutting expansion joints and recesses for installations in floor toppings


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EngineAir-cooled 2 stroke engine
Power Output5 hp
Blade Diameter12/14"
Max Cutting Depth4/5"
Weight21.2 lbs
Sound pressure101 dB (179cc)

Asphalt and Concrete Saw Our powerful 16hp Asphalt and Concrete Saw makes cutting through driveways and parking lots a breeze. 967181402 Asphalt and Concrete Saw 1279.95 Asphalt Kingdom
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