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Having a Qualified Blacktop Technician Is Essential to Your Business Success

If you are a commercial property owner or manager, you are most likely very aware that keeping your parking lot properly maintained is a business necessity. Not only can cracks and potholes in your asphalt be unsightly, they can pose a serious liability risk if someone trips on one and becomes injured. Having a reliable blacktop technician as part of your maintenance team to care for your parking areas is not just a good idea, it’s essential.

Areas of blacktop pavement are a major investment and need to be both protected and maintained on a regular basis to prevent deterioration and the need for costly repair or replacement. A blacktop technician will focus on filling cracks and potholes before they begin to spread and will remove oil and other vehicle fluid spills that can rapidly turn asphalt into a crumbling mess.

A skilled blacktop pro will also recommend that you sealcoat your pavement to protect it from the stresses of heavy vehicles and the elements which can over time decay your asphalt to the point of it needing to be replaced. Almost every blacktop technician uses a coal tar based asphalt sealer on commercial asphalt pavement because of its durability. In fact, it’s the same product that’s also used on many highways and airport runways because it keeps asphalt protected for two to three years.

Blacktop technicians also specialize in painting parking lot lines and markers such as arrows and handicap parking space signs. Generally this is performed after sealcoating when the asphalt is a clean slate black color which allows parking lot lines to be particularly vibrant and clear.

At Asphalt Kingdom, we are dedicated to helping commercial property owners/managers protect their asphalt investments. This is why we developed a step-by-step free asphalt email course that gives you all of the information you need to properly protect your asphalt. Whether you decide to use a blacktop technician or maintain your own asphalt, this course can save you thousands of dollars by helping you keep your parking lot in good condition for many years to come.