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4 Pallet Sealer Bulk Buy


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Regular Price: $4,980.00

Today’s Price: $3,995.00

You Save: $985.00

Huge savings when buying 4 pallets of commercial airport grade coal tar asphalt sealer at once.

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The Bottom Line - 4 Pallet Bulk Buy Offering Saves You Money!

The AK Sealer can be Sprayed with one of our AK Spray System or applied with a sealer brush or squeegee.

Four pallets of sealer consists of sixteen 55 gallon drums and yields 88,000 square feet of sealcoating surface coverage.

As a property owner, manager or contractor you want the ability to access the freshly sealed asphalt, our sealer makes this possible. Our commercial grade sealer dries in a speedy 3-4 hours whereas other sealers in the market can take up to 24 hours to dry.

Contractors who choose this bulk buy offering know the secret to making more money - Money saved is money made!

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Shipping Dimensions4' x 4' x 4' per skid
Weight2400 lbs per skid

Sealer concentrate is diluted 20% so it is ready to spray as soon as you get it.

Click here for the Sealer MSDS Sheet

4 Pallet Sealer Bulk Buy Huge savings when you buy 4 asphalt sealer skids of commercial grade sealcoat at once. Fast drying and premium quality. In stock and ready to ship. x16-50052 4 Pallet Sealer Bulk Buy 3995 Asphalt Kingdom
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