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Fast sealing additive

FSA Fast Sealing Additive

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  • Fast sealing additive Fast sealing additive

FSA Fast Sealing Additive

Quick Overview

Cure faster, reduce tracking, and get back on your asphalt in no time!
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FSA Fast Sealing Additive - 5 Gallon .
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  • Reduces drying time by 50%+
  • Dries blacker
  • Reduces tracking and power steering marks
  • Compatible with all brands of sealer
  • Tested and proven coast-to-coast
If you are tired of waiting for your sealer to dry so the pavement is ready, consider using this FSA Fast Sealing Additive. When you utilize this product, it will help your sealer dry faster. It also offers some other wonderful benefits. The product helps to improve the dispersion of sand in the mix, and it can stop tracking. Using this additive will also help with improving the oil and gas resistance of the pavement. In addition, it will not build viscosity.

Just how much faster will the sealer dry when you use this additive? It can reduce the curing time by about 50% or greater. The product should be used with coal tar or asphalt emulsion sealers or blends. Using it will make the coating dry blacker.

For those who are short on time and who want to have their jobs completed and cured as quickly as possible, this is an ideal solution.

Choose the Right Size

Depending on the size of the job, or the number of jobs that you are doing, you need to make sure that you have enough of the FSA Fast Sealing Additive from Maintenance, Inc. on hand. You can choose from the five-gallon pail for those smaller jobs, or you could choose the 55-gallon drum for the big jobs. In addition, you will want to consider the weather and temperature when you are adding the FSA. Those who are in a colder weather environment will need to add additional FSA to the mix.

If you need great performance and the best drying times, this is the product that will answer those needs. It is easy to use, and it will not add thickness to the sealer, so keep in mind that it can’t be used as an extender or for bulking.

How Much Do I Need?

Suggested Formula Range:
100 Gallons of Pavement Sealer + 2-5 Gallons of Fast Sealing Additive + 10-35 Gallons of Water
Optional: Sand (if your spray system can handle sand) – 300 To 500 Lbs.

Cold Weather Formula Range:
100 Gallons of Pavement Sealer + 7-10 Gallons of Fast Sealing Additive + 10 - 35 Gallons of Water
Optional: Sand (if your spray system can handle sand) – 300 To 500 Lbs.

What Is the Recommended Application Temperature?

As with asphalt sealer, application should be made only when air and pavement temperatures are higher than 50℉ for at least 8 hours following application and ideally 48 hours after application. Drying time will be longer at night. Ideal conditions are 70℉ with sunlight and low humidity.

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FSA Fast Sealing Additive Make your asphalt sealcoat dry faster and blacker so your customers can drive on your parking lots sooner. The sealer drier improves resistance to oil and gas too! FSA_grouped FSA Fast Sealing Additive 120 3285 Asphalt Kingdom
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