AK230 Pro Sealcoat Sprayer

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Make up to $10,350 per tank! This pro-grade system is packed with features that save you time. Get beautiful sealcoating results to help you build lifelong customers.

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Spray more sealer in less time and earn money faster with this high-capacity AK230 Pro Sealcoat Sprayer.
  • Rugged 12-gauge steel tank
  • Can hold up to 230 gallons of sealer
  • Beginner-friendly machine
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Add These To Minimize Your Effort!

Drum Mixer

Properly mixed sealer can be the difference between a poor, inconsistent finish and a great finish that leads to repeat business. Add this 46" drill mixer extension to efficiently prep and mix your sealer before application.

4 Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skids (16 x 55-Gallon Drums)

Save huge when buying this asphalt sealer bulk buy of (16) 55-gallon drums. You get 880 gallons of commercial grade asphalt sealer that will cover up to 88,000 square feet*.

$8,000.00 $8,480.00
You save $480
Wand Wizard: Asphalt Sealcoat Edger

Start getting ROI in less than one month! Designed for professional pavement contractors, this sealcoat edger keeps all overspray off of retaining walls, building siding, and vehicles.

$299.00 $349.00
You save $50

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