AK230 Pro Sealcoat Sprayer

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Make up to $10,350 per load with 23,000 square feet of sealcoat coverage! System includes a number of great add-ons, making this the Ferrari of spray systems.

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Maximize your work efficiency with this easy mixing and spraying system that's so simple, no experience is needed.
  • Fully loaded spray system
  • Seal asphalt like a pro
  • 1-year warranty
Delivered in: 5-10 Business Days

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Add These To Minimize Your Effort!

Drum Mixer

Properly mixed sealer can be the difference between a poor, inconsistent finish and a great finish that leads to repeat business. Add this 46" drill mixer extension to efficiently prep and mix your sealer before application.

Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skid (Four 55 Gallon Drums)

Four 55 gallon drums of asphalt sealer (220 gallons). 22,000 square feet of total coverage.

Wand Wizard: Asphalt Sealcoat Edger

Start getting ROI in less than one month! Designed for professional pavement contractors, this sealcoat edger keeps all overspray off of retaining walls, building siding, and vehicles.

$299.00 $349.00
You save $50

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Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom

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The Ferrari of our spray systems, loaded with all of the add-ons:

This 230 gallon system comes with all of the add-ons, so you start with the best. The 230 gallon, 12 gauge steel tank is covered with anti-corrosion and anti-rust powder coating. The Honda engine and centrifugal cast iron pump (with severe-duty Viton seals) is mounted on a welded support frame with the tank, making this a durable system. A full tank provides up to 23,000 square feet of sealcoat.

  • Fully loaded spray system
  • Up to 23,000 square feet of sealcoat coverage
  • Allows you to seal asphalt like a pro

The included sealer transfer kit allows you to easily transfer sealer from your sealer containers to your 230 gallon tank. This accessory also lets you transfer sealer to a drum or tote at the end of your sealcoating season.

The heavy-duty hose reel that's included can be mounted on a truck or trailer, and can hold up to 50' of ¾” hose.

The included filter kit will capture debris and particles too large for spraying.

The maintenance kit includes:

  • Spare pump seal
  • Pack of 3 spare tips
  • 3 replacement mesh filters
  • One ¾” ball valve

Note: Do not use sand with this spray system.

Have questions? We’re here to help!

Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom

Speak to an Asphalt Expert!

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EngineHonda GX160 5.5HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
  • 2" Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump
  • Severe Duty, Viton/Tungsten Mechanical Seal
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Stainless Steel Wear Plate
  • Total Usable Tank Volume: 230 US Gallons
  • Solid 11 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Welded Engine Mounting Plate
  • Curbside Welded Hose Hangers
  • 20" Manway with Anti-Splash inner and outer lids
  • 2" Flanged Suction Port, 2" FPT Recirculation Port
  • Rigid Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • 50' x 3/4" Hose, 275 psi
  • 6' Ball Valve Gun w/ hose swivel
  • 1 each 2GPM, 3GPM, 4GPM Quick-Connect Spray Tips
  • Upper & Lower 3-Way Valves
  • Quick-Connect Cam-Lever Fittings
  • Hose Reel
  • Filter Kit
  • Sealcoating Maintenance Kit
  • Agitation occurs through pump recirculation @ 165GPM
  • Spraying pressure 45psi at tip
Dimensions40" wide x 48" tall x 60" deep
Weight* (empty)425 lbs
Weight* (full)2955 lbs

*Weights do not include the weight of hose reel, filter kit, and maintenance kit

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  1. Christina Penny

    Never had any problems with my orders...



    The purchase was great. We never had any problems with it. The equipment works as promised. Overall we're very happy with all aspects of it. My wife and I are doing financing every year and we are planning to make another purchase this year.
  2. Scott Siefker

    I am satisfied with my purchase



    It's working okay. The performance is good. All in all satisfied with the purchase.
  3. Rob Mckenzie

    I highly recommend Action Seal for all your asphalt needs.
    After a season with my new 230 Spray System I have increase my efficiency dramatically, saved on cost with a larger tank, completed more bigger projects and double my revenue from last year! Thank you Action Seal for pointing me in the proper direction and knowing exactly what was needed to help grow my business! I highly recommend Action Seal for all your asphalt needs.
  4. Sebastien Losier

    Would recommend any day
    Greatest of service, very satisfied with my purchase. Would recommend any day
  5. Syndicate Contracting

    Go above and beyond
    My name is Jake young I’m from Kamloops British Columbia, I co own a parking lot Maintenance company called syndicate lines and contracting - we have been using action seal for a few years now! They make sure to go above and beyond with their customer service and try to provide you with what you need in a timely matter, great company to deal with whether you’re a small start up or a bigger more established company. They treat you just like you’re one of their bigger customers! Coming from a RetaRead moreil and service background this is very much appreciated as you don’t feel like your time is wasted Thanks to Jennifer and Rory from action seal for helping us throughout the years Cheers Jake
  6. Robert Mckenzie

    Can't thank you enough!
    There are so many quality people at Action Seal and it starts from the top down. I've been so encouraged and expertly guided. High quality products is just the beginning. The time taken with their customers is second to non. Action Seal has been a key players in my journey to running a successful asphalt services business. Can't thank you enough!
  7. Dom Manzo

    Ak 230 PRO



    The AK 230 Pro sealcoating system has been a great fit for our growing company. The AK 230 Pro has brought us from a small driveway sealcoating company to a full service residential and commercial seal coating company. The AK 230 Pro is extremely user-friendly from delivery to set up. You will be out there making your investment back on your first job! Our team at Local Sealcoating highly recommends this unit. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level the AK 230 Pro is the way to Read morego. Especially because it is backed by the amazing customer support and knowledge the Asphalt Kingdom team provides you. You can’t fail! Let’s Go!!
  8. Brian

    Happy with our purchase
    We bought the sprayer in 2019 and it's held up great. Pressure is great and we transfer sealer from drums with the transfer loading accessory.
  9. Robert

    Overall happy with our purchase



    We purchased the 230 pro about 2 years ago. We are happy with the purchase and it's helped us grow our company to now needing a second rig. We will be back to order another setup this season.
  10. Alex Lucic

    AK230 is what helped me build my sealcoat business



    I bought this sealcoat spray system when I started my sealing business. It works fantastic and is the perfect size for residential and small commercial parking lots.
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FAQs (18)
Customer Questions
How do you prime the 130 or 230 Gallon Spray Systems?

The pumps are self-priming pumps so as long as your sealer is diluted properly and you have ample sealer in your tank your sprayer will self-prime. Always make sure that air isn’t sucking into the pump or you will lose prime and your pump will get quite hot potentially compromising the main seal which leads to a leaking pump.

If the sealer is too thick the pump will struggle with a prime as it’s like sucking a thick milkshake through a small straw.

Make sure your sealer is diluted at 20% to 30% at all times.

Check out this related article: priming your spray system.

How do I clean out my spray system between uses?

If you’re using the sealer within the week it can remain in the tank. Just periodically agitate the material in the tank to prevent it from settling and starting to cure.

If you want to remove the sealer from your main tank and store the sealer, we recommend taking off your spray tip and starting your unit up and then pumping the sealer into a drum or separate storage tank. Once this is done, flush your main tank out with water.

You can flush out your spray system by connecting the transfer kit or suction hose to a bucket or drum of water.

Simply turn your unit to Spray mode and spray the sealer back out into the drum or bucket that you got it from originally.

For more details, see this blog post: https://blog.asphaltkingdom.com/priming-spray-system

Can I spray sand with the 130 or 230 Gallon Spray Systems?

Our spray systems work only with Asphalt Emulsion Sealer.

If you use:

  • a sealer with sand, 
  • or oil based sealer,

the spray system will not work: the pump will need repair and you may even blow the engine.

If you use the wrong sealer your warranty is voided in the same way as if you were using diesel fuel in a gasoline engine for your truck. 

Can I flush the unit without touching the sealer?
Yes, simply close the main valve on the bottom of the tote. Disconnect the suction hose from the bottom of the tote and then put that end of the hose in a 5 gallon pail and turn the valve above the pump to spray mode and then start the engine. The pump will suck the water up out of the 5 gallon pail into the pump and down the spray hose out the gun and then spray the water out of the gun back into the 5 gallon pail you just sucked up and you can recirculate it in the pail like this while having the engine on low idle.
Can this system spray sealer with sand in it?
We cannot warranty a system if sand has been used in it as it will wear and ruin the seals. We do however, suggest applying the sand by hand with a grass seeding machine after applying a thin wet coat of sealer and then applying a second coat of sealer over top of the sand layer as a final coat.
Does the system re-circulate as well as agitation systems?

300 gallon metal tanks with sweep agitation blades mostly move the product contents near the outside walls of the storage tank. The heavy paddles usually rotate very slowly and are driven by cumbersome gears, chains, and pulleys. The product near the center of the tank may never even get mixed at all!

To observe this, try this revealing experiment:

First take a can of paint, secondly take a paint stir stick. Now stir the contents using the stir stick only along the inside edge of the paint can slowly. Try to emulate the speed of a paddle moving around the inside of a storage tank. What happens to the contents in the center of the paint can? Hardly moves or mixes at all doesn't it?

The re-circulation system that comes with the AK Tote, Drum, Portable, 130 and 230 Sprayers is absolutely amazing. Your sealer mixes up in 3 to 4 minutes and ready to apply.

What sort of sealer can I spray?

These systems can be used with specific brands of Asphalt Emulsion sealer. The systems cannot spray sealer with sand.

Approved Sealers:

  • Asphalt Emulsion (AE): GemSeal, Sealmaster and Neyra sealers only without the addition of any latex additives

We can't guarantee the performance of the systems with other people's sealer because they may add additives that we don't know about that could affect the performance of the pump, hoses, circulation, etc. We use the industry's best-quality sealer and we can assure you that you will not have any issues with it; if you wish to use another brand of sealer please contact the manufacturer to guarantee performance with your spray system.

The sealer is suddenly just trickling out of my spray tip. What caused this?

If a chunk of sealer, a stone, or a rock is blocking the output of the tip, it would create a blockage in the tip that would create a trickle or a pressurized multi-stream spray. Sealer sitting in the tank for a long period of the tank can dry on the side walls and form flakes. These flakes can fall into the rest of the sealer and get suctioned through to your spray tip, causing a blockage.

We heavily advise investing in a filter kit, as it filters out unwanted chunks. See more troubleshooting tips for if you lose pressure at the spray tip.

My system is not agitating.

You get this when the sealer is too thick and the pump cannot create a prime to circulate the sealer. Dilute it properly to achieve 20 to 30% water dilution.

Use a dipstick to check the level of your sealer at the end of the day and the next time you use your system, just in case of water evaporation (if the levels are different, add enough water to regain the previous sealer level).

Another possible reason could involve the system's ball valve. On the output part of the pump, there's a ball valve that allows you to redirect the sealer to the top of the tank or to the spray gun. If that ball valve is constantly or permanently broken to the spray gun, you wouldn't get recirculation.

Do the 130 Gallon / 230 Gallon systems fit in a pickup truck?

The 130 gallon system fits in trucks as small as Ford Rangers, Chevy S10's, or any full sized pickup truck.

The 230 gallon system fits in full sized pickup trucks like Ford F150's or larger.

Both systems fit in most trailers.

How many sq. feet of asphalt coverage do I get?

The 130 (130 Gallon Capacity) = 13,000 square feet (1,207.74 square meters) of coverage.

The 230 (230 Gallon Capacity) = 23,000 square feet (2,136.77 square meters) of coverage.

Hello i bought a ak spray sytem and the filter kit.can you please tell me where i attach the filter kit thanks.

We recommend that you have the filter "pointing" down, that way gravity will help move particulates out of the way of the main flow.

The filter connects to the output port of the pump, and then your spray hose connects to the filter kit. Steps on how to assemble the Filter Kit:

  • Insert filter into main valve, close camlocks, insert cotter pins
  • Insert spray hose into other end of filter, close camlocks, insert cotter pins.

Filter Kit attachment

How much pressure will lose if a 75ft hose is used instead of 50ft hose?
The standard configuration of 50ft is recommended. If a 75ft hose is used, there will be a 30% pressure loss.
How do I remove or clean off the sealer stain when it dried out?
It's best to always have a bucket of soap and water handy. If there are stains, try an orange based hand cleaner available at any auto parts store. Apply to the overspray and let it work in for several minutes before removing with soapy water. You may have to repeat this application several times.
How do I install the seal replacement kit on my spray system?

For all RynoWorx Spray Systems manufactured since 2017, use the Aluminum Pump Mechanical Seal/Ceramic for the Launtop Engine/Aluminum Pump and the Viton/Tungsten Seal Assembly 3/4" shaft for the Launtop Engine/Cast Iron Pump and the Honda Engine/Cast Iron Pump.

Watch the instructional videos on how to install the Aluminum Pump Mechanical Seal/Ceramic and the Viton/Tungsten Seal Assembly 3/4" shaft.

How to install the seal kit on my Cast Iron Pump?
Please watch the instructional video on how to install the replacement seal kit on your Cast Iron pump.
Which additive can I use with my spray system?
The only additive that should be used is the FSA Fast Sealing Additive, not the Fass-Dri Pavement Sealer Additive. FSA will not plug up any pumps, does not thicken sealer, and is a hardener and helps to set the sealer film. It also reduces tracking.
What type of engine oil should I use and how much oil is needed?

Any standard 4-stroke motor can be used. Like the ones used for lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.

We recommend the 10W-30 or during the cold season, you can use the 5W-30. You can fill up to the level of oil gauge at about 0.58 Liter.

Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions

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