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Pavement Management

Just like other aspects of your property, your pavement needs upkeep to maintain its condition and to prevent cracking and deterioration. Pavement management is important if you're looking at protecting your investment and increasing the esthetic value of the property. AsphaltKingdom.com has all the asphalt products and asphalt equipment you need for preserving asphalt and has the experts on hand that can give you asphalt repair techniques and guidance.

Whether you deal with blistering summers in the Southwest or blizzards in the Northeast, preserving asphalt is necessary unless you want to pay for extensive repair work or replacement. Sun, rain, snow, and ice can take its toll on asphalt and can cause it to become brittle and dry. Once your asphalt driveway has lost its flexibility, it’s prone to cracking or worse. Of course, leaking oil, transmission fluid, and gas can also create the need for pavement management.

With all of this wear and tear on your investment, it’s very important to have asphalt repair techniques. Yes, you can repair an asphalt driveway yourself. It’s easier than you think. The professional team at AsphaltKingdom.com is happy to help you with your 'asphalt repair do it yourself project', and can also deliver asphalt products directly to your door.

Proper pavement management involves stopping problems before they get worse.  If you see potholes forming, get a rapid-set cold asphalt patch to stop the spreading.  Simply clean out the pothole, up-end the product into the hole, and tamp it down.  The special bonding agents in our cold patch ensure that the product sticks to the sides of the hole, shoring up the foundation of the pavement, for a long-lasting repair job.

Sealing your driveway with a commercial grade asphalt sealer is the key to adding longevity and preserving asphalt. In fact, a regular pavement management plan of action will go a long way to protecting your hard-earned investment.

Preserving asphalt with an asphalt sealer is similar to applying wax to your car or furniture. It protects the surface of your driveway from the elements, improves the color, protects against staining, and increases elasticity. A sealer also smooths those unsightly cracks that can potentially lead to chuckholes and large indentations in your driveway.

Coal tar asphalt sealers are the professionals’ choice in pavement management and are designed to protect and penetrate the surface of your driveway’s asphalt to not only protect but also to rejuvenate its appearance. AsphaltKingdom.com carries five gallon pails of coal tar asphalt sealer that can effectively seal 300 square feet of driveway. The product dries in only three to four hours and can keep your driveway looking like new for up to three years.

Asphalt sealer can be either sprayed on with a spray system or can be applied with a sealer brush or squeegee.

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