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Pavement Seal

It’s just a reality that many people don’t think much about their asphalt driveway and pavement seal until they trip on a pothole or crack. A driveway, just like any other aspects of one’s home, should be regularly inspected, repaired, and cared for if it is going to stay in good condition for an extended length of time. One of the most important ways to ensure a well-maintained driveway free of cracks, potholes, and other signs of deterioration is to use a pavement seal that protects the asphalt.

Just as the sun can damage your skin, it is just as harmful to your asphalt. Ultra-violet rays, combined with heat can wreak havoc on asphalt causing it to oxidize, dry out, harden, and fade. It basically turns this flexible, somewhat soft material into one that will easily crack and deteriorate. To prevent this, you need a layer of pavement sealcoating.

Sun isn’t the only cause of asphalt deterioration. Rain, snow, ice, leaky cars, and tree roots can all cause serious damage to a driveway. If it isn’t protected, you will quickly see signs of damage. Usually, small spider-like cracks will appear. Then, cracks spread, widen, and before you know it you have large indentations and potholes. This ultimately means expensive repairs and sometimes even total replacement of a driveway if the foundation has also been damaged from lack of proper maintenance. Pavement seal dramatically helps protect any asphalt driveway from the ravages of nature’s elements.

If you have a new asphalt driveway, you can begin applying a protective layer of pavement seal as soon as 90 days after installation. This will give it ample time to cure. From that point on, it ’s advised to utilize a coal tar asphalt pavement seal every two to three years. This particular type of pavement sealcoating is specifically designed to protect driveways from both the elements and leaking oil, gas, or transmission fluid. You can order coal tar asphalt pavement seal directly from Asphalt Kingdom, the leading supplier of asphalt sealcoating and repair products.


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Many homeowners find pavement sealcoating to be a project that they can do themselves. With the right sealing equipment and sealing products, it’s definitely a do-it-yourself project that can be completed over a weekend.

Others prefer to hire professional contractors to apply pavement seal. They will fix cracks and potholes, as well as seal driveway and walkways.

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