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Pro Crack Cleaner

Pro Crack Cleaner (Little Wonder)


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  • Pro Crack Cleaner Pro Crack Cleaner
  • Pro Crack Cleaner Pro Crack Cleaner

Pro Crack Cleaner (Little Wonder)

Quick Overview

Dual-belt, high-powered crack cleaner for asphalt surface preparation.

See What A Difference Size Makes

If you're tired of bending over asphalt cracks with a crack cleaner on a stick - or worse, by hand! - then you need the Little Wonder Pro Crack Cleaner. Designed with a busy contractor in mind, this machine whisks away dirt and debris from cracks and crevices in no time.

The large 9" twisted wire wheel makes quick work of stubborn weeds and leaves you with a clean crack, ready to be filled. The wire wheel brush has a 4-inch adjustment range to give you the ultimate in options. A shield behind the brush saves your shins from flying debris. And the dual belt drive means a more reliable, faster machine.

No more struggling with uneven pavement: the Pro Crack Cleaner features an adjustable handle-bar control for the front wheels so you can move quickly even on broken asphalt. Its low center of gravity also helps keep it steady on the job - and makes it easy to load into a truck or trailer.

Add this four-wheeler to your equipment arsenal and see how much time you save.

Engine Honda GX120
Displacement 118cc
Wire Wheel Size 9" Diameter
Cast Iron Cutter Head Fixed
Drive Belts Dual
Wheels 8" Steel-hubbed (4)
Fuel Capacity 3 Quarts
Weight 77lbs
Dimensions (collapsed handles) 54” L x 17” W x 33” H

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Pro Crack Cleaner (Little Wonder) Tired of bending over to clear cracks by hand or with a broom? The Pro Crack Cleaner will make fast, clean cracks ready for sealing. 6236-00-01 Pro Crack Cleaner (Little Wonder) 1170 Asphalt Kingdom