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Ryno Crack Brush (Sold in 3s)

Ryno Crack Brush 3 pack

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Crack brush removes dirt, debris and vegetation from asphalt cracks & preps for filling. Minimum order: three brushes.

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Ryno Crack Brush Tool

Prepare your asphalt cracks easily with these crack cleaning brushes. Each brush's handle is tipped with a chisel so you can scrape out any vegetation or moss that could be growing within the asphalt crack. This dual-tipped tool lets you clean cracks fast. Sold in a pack: 3 brushes

How to Use

This tool is incredibly easy to use and highly effective. All you need to do? Sweep the brush's hard bristles through the crack as shown in this video:

You can see how well the Ryno crack brush forces out dirt and loose rocks from the cracks. If you still have loose asphalt within the crack or if you have a crack that is extra deep, just flip the tool over and use the chisel to scrape it out.

Why Use Ryno Crack Brushes?

Use the Ryno crack brush to clean out cracks before repairs This Ryno crack brush isn't just another broom. It quickly and effectively cleans cracks without the burden of heavy equipment. This rather inexpensive solution to crack cleaning is more economical than a heat lance and is lighter than the Billy Goat Grazor.

You don't have to untie and roll out your crack cleaning equipment for small jobs — just pull one of these crack brushes out and you'll have clean, debris-free cracks within just a few minutes of using this tool.

Only a little investment is needed, and the versatility, convenience, and ease of use that this tool provides just means that you'll gain more in profits.

This tool is perfect for preparing cracks before crack repairs. The 3 pack allows you to have a tool for more than one person if you're in a crew, or if you work solo you'll have back-ups. You can slightly extend the life of the brush by using a glue gun to secure the bristles.

Residential sealcoaters can expect to use one brush head for 15-20 days (averaging 20-25 minutes of actual use per working day, without gluing). If using the brush for several hours a day, the life expectancy is far less. These are highly effective brushes for cleaning out cracks, but they will experience wear and tear as with anything that will be used in direct contact with asphalt for long periods of time.

Crack Brush Specs

Total Length63"
Handle Diameter 1.25"
Chisel Length1.25" x 3.5"
Head Dimensions8.5" x 6.5" x 1.5"
Bristle Length4"
Average Head Life10-15 hours

Ryno Crack Brush (Sold in 3s) This 3 pack of Ryno crack brushes helps you clean and chisel out vegetation, debris, dust, and dirt from your asphalt cracks. Get free shipping today. A9526 Ryno Crack Brush (Sold in 3s) 165 Asphalt Kingdom
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