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Pro Spray

Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment

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Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment

Quick Overview

This air operated portable seal coating machine can be attached to any sealer tank.

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6.5 HP Pro Spray


9 HP Pro Spray


Seal coat professionally with this Pro Sprayer seal coating equipment system. You can spray directly from barrels, totes, tanks, or other storage containers of sealer AND you can also spray sealer mixed with sand. This is great for your customers, as the sealcoat job will last longer and will provide traction when their asphalt is wet.

The Standard Pro Spray comes with a 6.5 HP Honda motor and a 1” Yamada pump, or you can upgrade to the HD Pro Spray for a 9 HP Honda motor and 1 ½” Wilden pump. Both come with a 2 gallon strainer, 100-foot hose, and a spray wand.


  • Portable unit attaches to your container of sealer
  • Rolair Air Compressor
  • 6.5 HP or 9 HP Honda motor
  • 2 gallon strainer
  • 100 ft hose
  • Spray Wand

The spray unit itself is mounted on a frame with back wheels, allowing you to move the sprayer around to different vehicles and locations.


These professional-grade units are built to order. We take a deposit when you order, and then the manufacturer takes four weeks to custom-build the seal coating machine for you. Shipping generally takes 1 week via freight to your door.

The Bottom Line

Why choose this over an all-in-one spray system with a tank? It all depends on how you want to operate. If you want to spray sealer mixed with sand, you can choose from this seal coat unit or an air-operated sprayer with tank system. If you’re starting out as a sealcoater and just want to buy drums or totes of sealer—without having to transfer sealer to tanks—this unit will let you spray from those containers instead of from a tank. You can also move the sprayer between drums and totes, depending on the size of your job. When you want to do more jobs in one day, you can add a sealcoating tank to your equipment and you’ll already have the spray system to go with it.

You can’t go wrong with a versatile sprayer like this!

Dimension 45" tall x 65" long x 34" wide
Weight (empty) 450 lbs
PSI Sprays 85 - 125 PSI
Tips Included 80/50 Standard Tip
Sealer Intake Hose Size 2" Camlock
Pump Output Size 3/4" Hose to 1/4" Spray Tip

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Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment Seal coat like a professional with this Pro Air Operated seal coating equipment sprayer. Spray directly from drums, totes, tanks or storage tanks. prospray Portable-Pro Seal Coating Equipment 3299 Asphalt Kingdom