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12" SCHOOL Stencil

12" SCHOOL Stencil

12 SCHOOL Stencil

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The 12" SCHOOL stencil is a common stencil that adds versatility and usefulness to any striping project. Contractors will want to add this stencil to their collections as it is easy to apply, clean, and transport. It is often found marking areas in parking lots and driveways where school buses and other school-affiliated vehicles are allowed to enter. It can be combined with other industry standard signs such as “BUS", “STOP", and “ONLY" to give further direction. This stencil is manufactured in the USA and comes with a warranty that guarantees it to be delivered without any defects or impediments.

The measurements and specifications of this stencil comply with industry standards and are designed for use in bus parking lots and school zones. When printed, the stencil measures 58" in width by 12" in height. This sign is large enough to be seen in parking lots, but not large enough for use in roadways or areas with heavy traffic. The material itself measures 64" in width by 18" high, giving several inches of space on each side to allow for overspray.

There are four material grade options available for the make of your stencil. The .080 ALU is a rigid aluminum that lasts forever. This is the best choice for industrial sized or heavy-duty projects, as it can be reused indefinitely and can also withstand thermoplastic extruding. The next thickest option is the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE, which is an industry standard used by most professionals. This versatile material can last for up to a decade and withstand thousands of uses. The 1/16" LDPE is the counterpart to the PRO-Grade, but with half the thickness. This is good for light-duty projects. The thinnest material available is the .030" HIPS, a standard PVC that provides ultra flexibility while laying flat out of the box for a custom or one-time job.

Stencil Width58"
Stencil Height12"
Shipping Width58"
Shipping Length18"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight6 lbs

12" SCHOOL Stencil The 12-inch SCHOOL Stencil is a great stencil to have in any striping outfit. Made from heavy duty plastic . Free shipping! c-4112-012 12 35.04 Asphalt Kingdom
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