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24" FIRE Stencil

24" FIRE Stencil

24 FIRE Stencil

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The 24" FIRE stencil is a must-have addition to any professional striper’s or contractor’s collection. Its large size allows it to be used in driveways, lanes, parking spaces, and other Federally designated fire areas. It can be used alone or paired with other industry standard signs such as “LANE", “EXIT", and “ONLY" to give added directions to drivers and onlookers. The elongated words are easy to see from a distance, letting oncoming traffic know about a fire lane or fire exit that lays up ahead. This stencil is made in the USA and offers a warranty that guarantees that it will be free of any impediments or defects.

The measurements and specifications of this stencil comply with all industry standards and are fit for use in most publicly accessible areas. When printed, the stencil measures 45" wide by 24" in height for easy visibility. The material itself measures 51" wide by 30" high, offering several inches of space on each side to allow for overspray. This stencil is printed on a single sheet for ease of application, cleanup, and storage.

You can select a material grade for your stencil for varying degrees of durability and affordability. The toughest grade is the .080 ALU, which will last forever and is indestructible. It is made of an aluminum material that even allows for preformed thermoplastic striping to make a bold statement. The industry standard is the ?" LDPE, which offers durability and affordability as recommended by professionals. It can be reused thousands of times and for up to a decade before showing any signs of wear. The 1/16" LDPE and the .030" HIPS are the lightest grade options available, offering flexibility and a crisp finish for any custom or one-time use. They are still durable options that lay flat out of the box and remain rigid for sparing use.

Stencil Width45"
Stencil Height24"
Shipping Width45"
Shipping Length30"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight7.3 lbs

24" FIRE Stencil Get free shipping 24-inch FIRE Stencil. Made from high-quality reusable LDPE plastic and in stock! c-5040-024 24 46.72 Asphalt Kingdom
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