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4" Fire Lane Stencil

4" Fire Lane Stencil


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4" Fire Lane Stencil

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4 Fire Lane Stencil

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If you are painting parking lots, whether it is for a store, a mall, school, or other lot, you often need to paint more than just the stripes. You will often have to paint information for the fire lanes, as well. This 4” Fire Lane stencil is a good choice that can make your work easy. There are two overspray styles of stencil available, curb and standard. Many will find that it is a good idea to have at least one of each. For large companies that are doing multiple projects at the same time, it could be a good idea to have several of each.

The curb style stencils have a one-inch border along the bottom, along with a five-inch border along the top. This is so it will align the text in the right area on the curb so you can always get professional results. The Standard 4” Fire Lane stencil has a three-inch border all the way around the text. This type of stencil is most typically used on flat surfaces, such as the asphalt, or on a wall.

The stencil is very easy to use. Just place it in the area you need and then paint. You can use it several times in a row before you need to let the paint dry and clean it. When you are choosing your 4” Fire Lane stencil, you have four material options. You could choose to use the aluminum, which can last forever. The light-duty LDPE is a decent choice, but it is not as sturdy as the PRO-Grade LDPE. These can be used thousands of times. The PVC option is the cheapest option, but it can only be used a few times.

If you are a striper, make sure you have the best quality 4” Fire Lane stencils for your job to get the pro results you need.

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4" Fire Lane Stencil Make sure your parking lots are up to standard. Our Fire Lane - No Parking stencil is high-quality plastic, shipped fast and free to your door. c-4042-C04 4 17.52 Asphalt Kingdom