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  • 72" FHWA/DOT Bike Rider Stencil

72" FHWA/DOT Bike Rider Stencil

72" FHWA/DOT Bike Rider Stencil

72 FHWA/DOT Bike Rider Stencil

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The 72" FHWA/DOT bike rider stencil is an easy to use, single stencil that contractors can use for a variety of Federal and public projects. The stencil is designed to meet Federal MUTCD and FHWA requirements, complying with uniform traffic control devices and allowing clear indication of a bike lane for all passersby. The stencil offers a unique bridging which is designed to catch any paint drips for a clear and simple application. It is CNC cut for precision, matching the measurements and specifications made for it. It is used in bike lanes, and its large size can be easily seen by faraway traffic. The stencil is made in the USA and guarantees to be free of any impediments.

The measurements of this stencil meet all industry standard requirements and are easy to place on any type of pavement. When painted, the stencil measures a width of 36.2" and a height of 72" for clear visibility. The material itself measures 42" in width by 78" in height, offering added space for overspray.

There are four material grade options to choose from for the make of this stencil. The .080 ALU will last forever, and is great for thermoplastic extruding. The ?" LDPE is the most commonly used material for this type of stencil, and is named PRO-Grade as it is recommended by most professionals in the industry. It can be reused thousands of times over several years without showing any signs of wear or tear. The 1/16" LDPE is the twin to the PRO-Grade, but with half the thickness. This flexible material is affordable for custom or infrequent projects. The thinnest grade available is the .030" HIPS, which is a common material that offers flexibility and lays flat out of the box for custom or one-time projects.

Stencil Width36.2"
Stencil Height72"
Shipping Width36.2"
Shipping Length42"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight18 lbs

72" FHWA/DOT Bike Rider Stencil This 72" Bike rider stencil is designed to meet the Federal MUTCD. Made from high-quality reusable LDPE plastic and free shipping! c-4351-072 72 94.17 Asphalt Kingdom
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