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96" STOP Stencil


96" STOP Stencil

96 STOP Stencil

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The 96" STOP stencil is one of the most frequently used stencils in the striping industry, and is a must-have addition to any serious contractor’s collection. This heavy duty stencil comes in four parts, with each letter on its own stencil for easy application and storage capabilities. This stencil is often used in roadways, residential areas, parking garages, construction sites, and other types of pavement. It can be used in front of a stop sign line, or it can be elongated on a driving lane to warn distant drivers of a stop up ahead. This sign can be painted alone or paired with other industry stencils such as “AHEAD" to give further direction. This stencil is compliant with most state DOT’s and meets all FHWA and MUTCD standards. It comes with a warranty that guarantees the product to be delivered without any defects.

The measurements and specifications of the stencil can be adjusted to fit the sizing needs of the project, and each letter offers 4" of overlap for ease of placement. While the size may change, it typically measures 76" in width and 96" in height when painted. The material itself measures 24" wide per piece, with a total height of 104". The stencil has a stroke width of 4" between each letter for easy readability.

There are four material grade options to consider for this type of stencil. The .080 ALU and the ?" PRO-Grade LDPE are the most reliable options for a heavy duty or long term project, as they are thick and sturdy to allow for countless reuses over several years. These grades are also good for thermoplastic extruding and stay put on the ground while withstanding up to 3000psi of painting. If you are invested in a small term or custom project, the thinner material grades may prove more cost effective. The 1/16" LDPE is the counterpart to the PRO-Grade, but with half of the thickness. The .030" HIPS is an industry standard PVC material that lays flat out of the box for a one-time or few-time use.

Stencil Width76 Typical, can be adjusted as needed"
Stencil Height96"
Shipping Width76 Typical, can be adjusted as needed"
Shipping Length25"
Shipping Height12"
Shipping Weight60 lbs

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