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PROMAX Air Operated Spray System

Air Operated Spray System

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Starting at: $3,900.00
PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoating Spray System with Hydraulic Agitation. Wide variety of tank sizes available.

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300 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Spray Unit


550 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Spray Unit


700 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Spray Unit


1000 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Spray Unit


1500 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Spray Unit


12' Standard Deck Trailer


16' Standard Deck Trailer


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The PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoating Spray Systems are power-packed with all the bells and whistles that a mid to pro level Contractor needs to operate a professional sealcoating company. We guarantee unbeatable value and performance. We selected brand name components that last and never skimp on quality. If you've tried competitor's "throw-away" hydraulic systems, you'll know what we're talking about: quality lasts.

The PROMAX sprays heavy sand loads with ease.

The steel tank and skid construction make this unit bulletproof and safe from any potential roll overs. Precise and detailed welding assures that your unit will hold up to the rugged environment that we work in as sealcoaters. Add a Hose Reel with swivel base for $699.

The tanks come with SIX PADDLE hydraulic agitation with rubber blades and is a full sweep agitation system assuring that your sealer is always mixed properly prior to application. Whether you want to spray straight sealer or asphalt sealer with heavy sand loads, you can do this all with these units.

The operating system includes a powerful All-Flo 1 ½’’ Dual Diaphragm sealcoating pump that assures that you'll always have the pressure you need to spray sealer on the asphalt surface properly. The manufacturer worked directly with All-Flo to customized the pump, complete with a custom diaphragm and special plastic injection-moulded balls that last a lifetime, instead of the industry standard disintigrating rubber balls.

The All-Flo will last three times longer than an Wilden, Yamada or Errol pump. It has so much power it can 'suck the chrome of a doorknob'! The pump and diaphragm can process up to 130 gallons per minute.

The 300 gallon sprayer includes a Rol Air Compressor powered by an electric start 9hp Honda. The 550 gallon sprayer and up includes the 13hp Honda with electric start!

Rol Air compressors are built for industrial use: they're designed to last a lifetime. Compare that to competitor's cheap compressor components. Professionals love the unique throttle-valve system that switches to idle when you shut your wand off. The RPMs drop and the compressor idles, saving you gas, wear, and tear on the equipment.

Selecting the correct sealing machine will be a very important factor in developing a profitable and successful asphalt sealing business, as well as being able to apply asphalt sealer in a non-back-breaking, time effective and professional fashion.

Hydraulic AgitationFull sweep 6 paddle hydraulic agitation with rubber wiper blades for a cleaner tank
Air Compressor
  • 300 gallon sprayer includes 9 HP Rol-Air compressor powered by a Honda electric start gas engine.
  • Larger units come with a 13 HP.
PumpAll-Flo 1 ½’’ double diaphragm sealcoat pump
  • 22″ Manway for easy clean out with a sand grate and bag splitter
  • Lightweight aluminum spray wand
  • 100 ft of lightweight sealer hose
ConstructionTank sizes available 300 to 1500 gallons with 7 gauge heads and 10 gauge side walls

CapacityDimensionsWeight (Empty)Weight (Full)
300 Gallon119" L x 50" W x 44" H1450 lbs1750 lbs
550 Gallon126" L x 60" W x 54" H1600 lbs7100 lbs
700 Gallon126" L x 68" W x 62" H1875 lbs8875 lbs
1000 Gallon139" L x 72" W x 66" H2550 lbs12,550 lbs
1500 Gallon164" L x 76" W x 70" H2700 lbs17,700 lbs

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