Can I visit your warehouse to see your equipment and products?

No, our locations are all fabrication plants and shipping facilities. We do not have staff and showrooms to accommodate you if you want to come and visit. You can however see all of our products and equipment on our website and we will be glad to speak with you in person regarding our products and equipment and provide detailed quotes.

Can this be used to clean pine sap from asphalt shingles? Can this be down-streamed through a pressure washer? It appears to be roughly the weight of water.

Yes the Universal Asphalt Degreaser Cleaner can be used to remove pine sap on asphalt shingles using a power washer. To use, dilute 1 part degreaser cleaner with 3 parts water.

I waited 24 hours for sealer to cure before striping, but all of my white lines and blue handicap symbols turned brown. I waited another day, and the results turned out the same. I had to come back 2 weeks after to restripe the parking lot to cover the brown bleed through.

So sorry that you had to go through such trouble. Humidity can have a huge effect on how long sealer cures. If, after 24 hours and the sealer still feels tacky to the touch, it has not cured sufficiently. If it hasn't had ample time to cure, then it will bleed.

We recommend at least 24 hours of dry hot weather to allow the sealer to cure properly. If the weather is humid, overcast and moist, it will be harder for sealer to cuter, which can lead to bleeding through the paint.

Where are you located?

Asphalt Kingdom ships from their locations in the U.S.A, and in Canada. Having locations in Canada and the U.S.A. allows us to avoid customs fees and duty delays, and timely headaches.

  •  Auburn Hills, MI, USA 
  • Plymouth, MI, USA 
  • Atlanta, GA, USA 
  • Dallas, TX, USA 
  • Detroit, MI, USA 
  • Baltimore, MD, USA 
  • Greensboro, NC, USA 
  • Boston, MA, USA 
  • Memphis, TN, USA 
  • Chicago, IL, USA 
  • Tampa, FL, USA 
  • New Dundee, ON, Canada 
  • Drummondville, QC, Canada

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