Line Stripers

How do I clean my PowrLiner 550 or PowrLiner 850?

Every time you use the system, flush the sprayer, hose, and gun out with water when you finish painting. Since these systems only use water-based paints, keeping them clean couldn't be simpler! Put the tips in a jar of Titan's Tip Clean to keep them ready for your next job.

Why should I add the Caster Wheel?

Why upgrade to the Caster Wheel? Time. Although the 850 has a turnable front wheel, it's a manual pull-pin, which requires you to stop painting, go to the front of the machine, and adjust the pin, then go back to the machine and start painting the lines again. With the cable caster, it works like brakes on a mountain bike - squeeze from the handlebar and turn on the fly.

The PowrLiner 3500 was delivered with oil in the tank, is that engine oil? Will I need to empty it and replace it with engine oil?

If this unit is new, it is shipped with test fluid in the fluid section to prevent corrosion during shipment and storage. This fluid must be thoroughly cleaned out of the system with mineral spirits before you begin spraying. Refer to the product manual...

What type of gas do we use for PL850?

Use regular unleaded fuel for all Titan line striping machines, such as automotive gasoline that has a pump octane number of 86 or higher, or that has a research octane number of 91 or higher. Unleaded fuel produces fewer engine and spark plug deposit...

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