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Asphalt Repair Bundle

Asphalt Repair Bundle

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  • Asphalt Repair Bundle Asphalt Repair Bundle

Asphalt Repair Bundle

Quick Overview

A spray system plus crackfill melter-applicator made for large lanes or parking lots.

Regular Price: $3,698.00

Package Price: $3,478.00

You Save: $220.00

Product Name Price Qty
RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine Melt and apply rubber asphalt crack filler very easily at walking speed with this crack fill machine.

Regular Price: $999.00

Today’s Price: $879.00

AK130 Residential Sealcoat Sprayer Contractor's choice when sealcoating residential driveways and small commercial lots. Mounts on 1/2 ton truck or trailer. 130 gal tank covers 13,000 sq ft of surface. 6.5 Briggs engine & bulletproof cast iron pump.

Regular Price: $2,699.00

Today’s Price: $2,599.00

Transfer Kit For Drums or Totes Of Sealer Use this accessory to transfer sealer from 55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes quickly and neatly. Save time!

Regular Price: $225.00

Today’s Price: $199.00

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Get our asphalt repair bundle that includes our AK130 sealcoating spray system and our RY10 asphalt crack repair machine, and you get $80 off the RY10 when you buy this package together.

When you need to do asphalt repairs, you need the proper equipment. Our RY10 crack repair machine lets you fill in asphalt cracks for better protection against water and ice breaking up the asphalt from underneath the surface, and the AK130 sealer system helps you sealcoat fast, protecting the asphalt surface from the elements.

The Bottom Line

Get this specially-priced bundle to get your asphalt repairs done.

The AK130 Gallon Sprayer System provides approximately 13,000 square feet of coverage per full tank of sealer. This sprayer is easy to operate and is perfect for residential and commercial sealcoating.

The RY10 Crackfill Melter Applicator melts and applies crack filler from an easy-to-use wheeled cart. Our RY10 is capable of melting and applying up to 700 lbs of crack filler per day, and heats 40 lbs of crackfill in under 7 minutes to get you filling cracks quickly.

Asphalt maintenance is so important when you have a driveway or parking lot. Repairing cracks before they turn into potholes is a surefire way to prevent your asphalt from cracking and breaking all over, so using the RY10 machine to fill in cracks as they happen will stop potholes and depressions from forming.

Once cracks are repaired and cured, you can sealcoat with the AK130 to protect your asphalt from the sun, rain, and snow.

Extending the life of your asphalt is a great way to avoid having costly repairs or even complete asphalt replacement done, so it's essential to perform crack repairs and sealcoating when they're required.

Spray System Pump Type Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump
Circulates 225 gallons per minute
45 psi at the tip
Cast Iron Impeller
Viton Seals
1 year limited warranty
Spray System Engine Briggs & Stratton 12S 6.5HP Gas Engine
Oil Sensor Alert
2 year limited warranty
Spray System Tank Welded solid steel tank, 11 gauge steel
Solid black powder-coated with anti-rust base
Welded hose brackets with locking arms for securing hose during transport
Spray System Hose 75 feet - 3/4" length standard spray hose, 150 PSI rated
Spray System Wand 42" Trigger Gun & Wand includes backup ball valve
3 Quick-Connect Spray Tips included (2 GPM, 3 GPM, 4 GPM)
Spray System Capacity 492 litres / 130 Gallons
Spray System Dimensions (L x W x H) 51.5" x 33.75" x 40"
Spray System Weight (Empty/Full) 397 / 1497 lbs
Spray System Shipping Weight 437 lbs
RY10 Construction 14 gauge powder-coated steel
RY10 Side Wheels 12" Diameter
1/4" thick steel
RY10 Front Caster 1/8"-thick steel wheel with twin row bearings and a grease fitting for greater tolerance of vertical and horizontal force, vibration and debris
RY10 Bushings Constructed with a nickel/bronze mix
RY10 Dimensions 48"D x 24"W x 36"H
RY10 Capacity 10 gallons
RY10 Weight 134

Download the AK130 Manual

Download the RY10 Assembly Manual

Get the complete RY10 Training Manual

Read the RY10 Gallon Melter Applicator Safety Instructions

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Asphalt Repair Bundle Fix up your driveways and parking lots before winter hits with this asphalt repair bundle. Free shipping. AK110-AK10-bundle Asphalt Repair Bundle 3478 Asphalt Kingdom

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