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Blacktop Repair Made Easy

See how quickly you can sealcoat with our Sealcoating Business PackageBlacktop driveways are inherently prone to a certain amount of cracking primarily due to expansion and contraction and exposure to the elements. Blacktop repair is most often necessary after a cold winter as water seeps into hairline asphalt cracks and hardens into ice. Salt used for traction on icy driveways can also cause damage which results in the need for blacktop repair.

Have you discovered a number of cracks in your driveway? You definitely don’t want to wait on blacktop repair projects. Procrastination is only going to lead to more significant damage and possibly even the need for costly asphalt replacement.

The good news is that cracks that are less than a half an inch in width can easily be filled with cold liquid pour asphalt crack filler. The product is a necessity for every homeowner who has an asphalt driveway, walkway, or play court. At Asphalt Kingdom, we offer cold liquid pour asphalt crack filler in handy one-gallon bottles.

To repair blacktop, simply clean out existing debris with a screwdriver or bristle brush, pour filler into cleaned cracks, and smooth over with a spackle or putty knife. This professional-grade product dries in less than an hour and is incredibly effective at preventing cracks from lengthening and expanding.

If you see any potholes, you’ll want to fill those in right away, to prevent further erosion of the blacktop surface. We carry a rapid-set Asphalt Cold Patch that comes out of the bucket in a pliable state but dries rock-hard in just 3 hours. By catching potholes early, you can keep the expense of blacktop repair down.

One of the best ways to minimize the amount of blacktop repair needed is to keep your asphalt sealed. A high quality sealcoat will save you literally thousands of dollars on asphalt patching and repaving. The best type is coal tar asphalt sealer which provides full surface protection for at least two to three years depending on the amount of traffic.

Like crack filler, you can also order coal tar asphalt sealer directly from us at Asphalt Kingdom. It can be applied with a squeegee and creates an incredibly strong buffer against the elements, salt, sand, and even vehicle leaks.


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