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Industrial Blowers for Sale: Crack Cleaning, Billy Goat


Why do we offer blowers for sale? Because the most important first step in asphalt and concrete repair is cleaning the debris. A clean surface is essential to sealcoating, crack repair, and linestriping, and a leaf blower gets the job done quickly and effortlessly. Sure, a broom can get the job done but time is money, and wouldn’t you rather finish the job quickly? After all, the goal is to get as many jobs done in a day as possible. Industrial blowers clean cracks and paved surfaces much faster than any other method. Boost your productivity, and your bottom line, with a blower and/or a crack cleaning machine.

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13 HP Billy Goat Debris Blower w/ Honda Engine

This 13 HP debris blower takes your pavement clearing and crack cleaning to a whole new level.


6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower - Subaru Engine

6HP Billy Goat Gas Wheel Blower is perfect for cleaning asphalt surfaces.


9 HP Billy Goat Gas Blower w/ Subaru Engine

Clearing pavement and cracks is a blast with this quiet, powerful 9 HP gas blower.


Echo Backpack Blower

Durable and quiet, this Echo Backpack Blower is perfect for easy driveway clean-up!



4 HP Billy Goat Grazor Crack Cleaning Machine

Rip through cracks & crevices at 5 feet every 15 seconds with the Billy Goat Grazor.


Crack Repair Combo Package

Start a Crack Repair Business and you can make $1000 (or more) a week in profits.



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How Many Uses Are There For An Industrial Blower?

The list is almost endless, but here are the most important for clearing areas before sealcoating, linestriping, and crack repair:

  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Sports fields; football, soccer, etc.
  • Warehouses
  • Pavement cracks
  • Golf course paths
  • Sports courts, such as tennis and basketball.

Why Is Cleaning So Critical For A Professional Result?

Sealcoating: For the sealcoat to penetrate the asphalt, the surface must be clear of all debris and dust. This is best done with a leaf blower for the cleanest result in the fastest time. Skipping this step has serious consequences, as the sealant will peel and flake off in no time at all. You will not win any repeat business or good word-of-mouth references that way!

Linestriping: Again, painting over dirt and debris means the paint will not stick, and instead of crisp clear lines, you have peeling paint. On sports fields, you simply cannot paint over leaves and clippings, and Billy Goat blowers will clear that away.

Crack Filling: First of all, the dirt and loose asphalt have to be removed in order to repair the foundation with gravel and sand for deep crevices. Just as important is to remove weeds and grass. When repairing asphalt cracks is a major part of your business, it is well worth investing in a heat lance or grazor to deal with the plant life efficiently. Otherwise you have to do it by hand.

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Industrial Blowers for Sale: Crack Cleaning, Billy Goat
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