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39" Handicapped Stencil

Handicapped Stencil


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  • 39" Handicapped Stencil 39" Handicapped Stencil
  • 1/8" Polyethylene 1/8" Polyethylene

Handicapped Stencil

Quick Overview

Professional-grade handicapped stencil for parking lots made from 1/8" polyethylene.

Handicap spotsAre handicap spots the only thing you need to stencil in your parking lot? This 39" handicapped stencil by Titan is made out of 1/8" polyethylene, the professional's standard for parking stencils. Made to be durable, this stencil will let you mark your handicap spots with ease.

Molded from virgin polyethylene, not recycled, these are professional level quality stencils that will never have white folds from handling. With a three inch border, you have plenty of margin for overspray, unlike cheaper brands that only give you two inches.

To clean your stencils of overspray, simply wait 2 to 3 hours for the paint to dry and then peel it off the plastic. Or, use the correct solvent to remove the overspray for either water or oil-based paint, whichever one you used.

If you need to mark numbers and "no parking areas", we have a starter kit of stencils for painting. For a complete set, you'll want our professional kit of parking lot stencils.

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Handicapped Stencil A professional-grade handicapped stencil made from 1/8" polyethylene. Free shipping and no tax. 0290932 Handicapped Stencil 139 Asphalt Kingdom