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Sandliner Handheld 16"



Apply sand easily to your crack filler with this 16" handheld sand spreader.

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A handheld, upright sand spreader for hot pour crack filling that is easy on your back and shoulders. Apply sand to freshly tarred cracks to make the fills blend in more with the asphalt surface, create another buffer against wear and tear, and to provide more strength to the crackfiller surface. It's an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your crack repairs!

The Bottom Line

Attention Professional Line Stripers and Crack Fillers!

Does your back ache from bending over, spreading sand by hand on freshly filled cracks, and beading freshly striped lines? Are you using a bucket and your hand to do what a machine could do more easily? What if there was a better way, a way to spread sand with better accuracy, more quickly, and without hunching over awkwardly to get the job done. 

This sand spreader is hand held by design for ultimate mobility and ease of use.  There are no wheels to track through crack filler, and it's light and easy to carry. 

The SandLiner makes it possible to walk normally while you work - much easier on your lower back and shoulders than conventional sanding methods.  Weighing just 22 pounds when full, the SandLiner is a joy and a treat to use.

Sandliner spreads sand over freshly-repaired cracks

See what other customers had to say about the SandLiner

"Beats the hell out of how we used to do it!" John,  New Haven, CT

"The best new product in the asphalt industry in 20 years!" Will, Manager, Dalton Enterprises

"Great seller and awesome item!" Laurialye, Westerly, RI

"I like it very much.  All in all I'm glad I got it. It's saved time and sand." Bob, Grand Rapids, MI

"The SandLiner has saved us 40% on our sand material costs since we started using it!" Kemith, Nashville, TN

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Dimensions: 26" tall x 8" x 6"
Weight (empty): 6 lbs
Capacity: up to 16 lbs of sand.

Sandliner Handheld 16" This handheld sand spreader helps you apply sand over your hot pour crack filling. Free shipping and no sales tax. T7400 Sandliner Handheld 16 199 Asphalt Kingdom
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