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Asphalt Paving Safety Accessories


Safety accessories are the tools you need to provide safe asphalt for your clients. There are two main issues that must be addressed; slipping and visibility. These are easily solved with sand and reflective beads. Sand is used for asphalt paving safety on crack repair, linestriping, and sealcoating. Applying by hand wastes product and time, so a sand spreader is the most efficient way to apply. Glass beads are critical to asphalt safety as even at night, linestriping will reflect in the headlights. This visibility allows drivers to clearly see all the traffic markings for directions, no parking areas, fire lanes, and more. Getting even coverage by using the right tool is critical. Remember, wasted product is more costly than doing it right the first time. Protect your clients as only as asphalt expert can, with the equipment engineered for the job.

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Sandliner Handheld 16"

Apply sand easily to your crack filler with this 16" handheld sand spreader.


Sandliner Pro Back Pack

These sand spreaders comfortably distribute the weight of the sand (up to 50 lb capacity)


Sandliner Beadliner

Apply glass beads in your line painting by using this glass bead dispenser.


Reflective Glass Bead Dispenser

A reflective glass bead dispensing system to help you create reflective markings.



Sandliner Glass Bead Wide Diffuser

This Glass Bead Wide Diffuser is capable of evenly spreading glass beads up to 14 inches across.


Sandliner Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap for easy carrying of the Handheld SandLiner Sand Spreader.



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When Do I Need To Apply Sand And Why?

Crack repair is a necessity, but it does leave a slick area, and in hot weather a sticky one. By spreading sand over freshly repaired cracks you add grit that provides a non-slip surface and protection from sticky foot traps in the heat. Remember: You must apply while the hot pour crack filler is still fresh and warm.

Linestriping is also a slip hazard, especially in wet weather. Anyone who has watched a road race has seen cars lose control with wheels on the painted lines. Sanding provides much needed traction and keeps pedestrians safe from slipping and falling! (we hope no one is racing cars in your parking lot!)

Using a sand spreader gives even coverage, without waste. Saving time and money for the health of your bottom line.

When Are Glass Beads Applied And Where?

Reflective glass beads are applied to wet traffic paint in order to guarantee visibility in low light. Imagine a one-way area not being visibly marked because reflective beads were not used! In a parking lot, that could result in accidents!

Quality linestriping work depends on your clients being able to see the marks, even at night. Whether it’s a simple attachment to your Sandliner, or a professional add-on to your linestriping machine, those beads must be applied evenly, and quickly. Spreading by hand is simply not a professional or smart option. The beads are too expensive to waste with inaccurate throwing, and smooth, even coverage is essential to a professional look.

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Asphalt Paving Safety Accessories
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