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Essential Equipment When Starting A Residential Blacktop Repairs Business

See how quickly you can sealcoat with our Sealcoating Business PackageThinking of trying out the lucrative residential asphalt maintenance business? Just like in any other business venture, it is essential to know as much as you can about it before jumping right in. One of the things about this business is that you have to invest in some tools and equipment that will basically act as the backbone of your planned asphalt repair venture. Here are some of the things that you have to invest your money in.

One of the equipment that you will be relying on is a concrete and asphalt saw. This heavy-duty saw used in blacktop repairs is powered by a gasoline engine and can cut through both concrete and asphalt. This saw comes in handy in instances where the asphalt surface is completely damaged and is beyond repair. In this case, the old asphalt has to be cut out and removed using the saw before pouring in the hot asphalt mix. This saw can also be used to straighten blacktop and concrete surfaces.

You will also find that a 36” wide asphalt rake is an indispensable part of your arsenal of tools. The asphalt rake or lute basically smooths out the asphalt patch before it is tamped down. This step in blacktop repairs ensures that bumps and lumps are eliminated from the asphalt surface. If you think that you can get by with using a plain gardening rake, note that the results will not be as even and leveling the asphalt will take much longer. This is because a garden rake’s teeth are too long and its width is not enough. Also, pulling and pushing asphalt to level it is easier with an asphalt rake.

Of course, you also need to have a hot box. This specially designed container will keep asphalt hot the whole day so that you can apply anytime you are called for blacktop repairs. You don’t have to worry about whether the asphalt has retained the right temperature for application when you have a hot box. You can bring this to different job sites throughout the day. The AK4000 Hot Box is even designed to be easily transported as you can slide it into the back of a pick-up truck or mount it on a flatbed trailer. And since this hot box can keep up to 2 tons of hot asphalt, you will be able to have greater profit margins as you buy asphalt in bulk.

Blacktop repairs, whether you use cold or hot asphalt mix, will last long if you don’t skip the tamping process. Homeowners who only occasionally do this can get by with a hand tamper or just the end of a 4x4 post. However, for commercial applications where several repair jobs are lined up in one workday and speed is desired, a vibrating plate can be a lifesaver. This machine will compact and finish hot and cold asphalt patches in a breeze.

Residential Asphalt Patching Package

People who are just starting in this business can sometimes be reluctant to spend in these blacktop repair tools and equipment especially as some of these cost a significant amount of money. If you have the same sentiments, what you can do is to buy one at a time if you can’t buy all of them in one go. However, buying a blacktop repairs business package that has all the tools and equipment you'll need can save you money. Investing in these will help you in the long run if you want to succeed in this business.

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