RY10 MS Mastic Applicator

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Load, transport and apply thousands of pounds of mastic materian per day into all types of cracks, seams, joints or potholes. Read more

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Melt and apply crack filler with one machine!

The RY10MS was designed to load and dispense crack filling material. It can also maintain and apply hot material directly from skid mounted or trailer mastic kettles. Those options mean efficiency on the job site.

A slanted, ultra-low-profile design allows confident loading of mastic material from either the front or right side of the kettle. Material flow is carefully controlled through a large, rectangular gate valve. The design dispenses hot crack filler near the center of an easy-to-swap ultra-heavy duty 8" square steel shoe. That’s how the machine delivers even crack filler lines.

  • Handle mounted controls
  • A slanted kettle promotes loading from the front of the machine
  • Flow control
  • Easy application

No one wants to be close to a hot kettle of crack sealer, and the RY10MS mastic applicator means no one has to. The controls are mounted on the handle and are easily usable while walking for precise application.

The slanted kettle means the crack filler being applied is always the right temperature to bond. It's also safer for any operator to add more filler, especially when filling from a tank. Hot crack filler can cause significant burns, so these safety precautions need to be top-of-the-line.

Flow control is also guaranteed and simple. The flow of hot material only happens when the switch on the handle is in use, and it stops the second the handle is released. That means no overflow, period, with this mastic applicator.

The goal with crack filling is at least a foot per second. In most cases, the RY10MS mastic applicator exceeds that goal barring exceedingly twisted crack patterns. With this speed, parking lots are ready for sealcoating faster.

The RY10MS is the premier crack filling mastic applicator. Its design is both safe and efficient for the operator. Crack filling with this machine can be a one-person operation while other prep work is underway. That makes every job site more efficient.

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Fluid Capacity10 US Gallons
Kettle Steel Thickness14 gauge
Kettle Loading Height17.5"
Assembled Dimensions46.5" x 31.4" x 38.9"
Empty Weight139 lbs / 63.2 kg
Max Capacity Weight237 lbs / 107.7 kg
Fuel TypePropane
Max Fuel Pressure30 psi
Burner Type150,000 BTU/hr
Heating Torch
Valve Type5-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Gate Valve
Agitation TypeManual
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